Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas decorations...

Hi all Vicki-Ann here today and over on the Helmar Creative team and I am doing some Christmas Decorations.. 

I cut out a star shape, out of paper to make a pattern. Then I doubled over my fabric and popped a pin through my star paper pattern.

Then on the wrong side using the Helmar fabric glue. I went around the edges, leaving a bit not glued at the bottom. Then I grabbed the second star shaped fabric and pressed it on the top. Leave that to dry.

I then did a tree shape. I cut 2 large triangles. I just free hand cut them the size I wanted. Then using the Helmar Fabric Glue I glued the sides leaving the bottom open. Once it was all dry I grabbed my embroidery thread and needle and sewed the edges for decoration. I did a blanket stitch around the edges that were glued. I then stuffed my star and tree with stuffing. Be careful not to over do the stuffing.

Using more of the Helmar Fabric Glue I ran some along the bottom edges and then pressed it closed.
You may need to hold for a little bit or pop a clothes peg or something on it to keep it shut. I then finished off the edge with more of the blanket stitching.

Then for the front I used some buttons and lace for decorations. I sewed on the buttons on the tree.

I did not like how the stitching showed on the back so I popped some lace and another button on it to cover it with a dob of the Helmar Fabric Glue. For the star I threaded some embroidery thread through the holes and made a bow. I then sewed that button on in the middle of the star. Using some more of the Helmar Fabric Glue I glued some lace under the button.

Well I had fun making these, they were a quick little project to do. I need to make about another 3 trees. They were my favourite to make.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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