Monday, December 31, 2018

Tri fold card

 I am shocking you with bright colours and doodling today..

I love adding all the tiny marks and doodling on my art work. It is so much fun.

So I cut a piece of watercolour card stock to size 5 x 6 and then lightly sketched a design of some flowers on there. Then using a pink and purple in watercolours I did a wash on the background. Sprinkled water and mopped it up to give some texture. Using some Neocolour II I coloured some book paper with scribbles in yellow and orange. Then added water to smooth it all out. I then used this for my flowers by cutting them into oval and circle shapes.


Using the Helmar Premium Craft Glue I positioned my flowers on the lines that I redrew with my black pen.  Adding some squiggles and circles around my flowers. Then I used a blue paint pen and white signo pen and filled in some of the lines.

I then cut my paper into 3, 2 x 5 inch strips. So I had 3 panels.

I backed each one with black card stock cut to 2 1/4 x 5 1/4 and using the Helmar Premium Craft glue I backed my watercolour panel on to the black cardstock.

I cut a piece of white cardstock 71/2 x 5 1/4 scoring it every 2 1/2 inches along the 7 1/2 side.
Using the Helmar Preium Craft Glue I attached my watercolour paper design.

Stamped my you rock word and backed it with black cardstock and glued that together with the Helmar Premium Craft glue
I really think my friend will enjoy my funky card and she does rock.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Bloom Banner...

 Every year I pick a word to be my word of the year. For 2019 I have picked the word Bloom. I have been doing a lot of gardening and when I was looking for inspiration for my word this one just seemed right.

I made a pattern out of paper so I got my sizes the way I wanted them. Then I used these for cutting out my pieces. I cut 5 pieces of hessian and 5 pieces of fabric. I pinned and cut around the shapes.

Now grab the Helmar Spray Adhesive  (Excuse the hands with the ground in dirt on them, the hazards of gardening.) Make sure you have a well ventilated room and pop some paper down to catch any excess adhesive. Now holding the Helmar Spray Adhesive spray can 20 to 30 cm away from your material, give it a quick spray on the wrong side of your printed fabric. 

Now just turn it over and position it on your hessian pressing it down flat. 

Grab your stencil and because I wanted to position my lettering in the centre and see how it looked. I placed my stencil over my fabric and just used a pencil to get it all in the right spot before getting my black paint pen.

Now this bit is optional as it is already on there really well with the Helmar Spray Adhesive  I really like the stitching though it just added a bit of detail. I stitched around the edges using a zigzag stitch. As the Helmar Spray Adhesive  was on there holding it, everything stayed in the perfect spot. So I did not have to pin anything. How awesome is that. It also made it really easy to fold it over at the top. I just stitched it on the wrong side, so that I now had an opening to thread my string through.

I cut some strips of the same fabric using my pinking scissors and just tied them on the ends and in between each of the letters. I thought this added a nice finishing touch to my banner. I just used a bit of washi tape to hang up my banner on the shelf above my desk. I will enjoy seeing this in my art room for the year 2019 to inspire me. 


Have you chosen a word for 2019? 
Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas decorations...

Hi all Vicki-Ann here today and over on the Helmar Creative team and I am doing some Christmas Decorations.. 

I cut out a star shape, out of paper to make a pattern. Then I doubled over my fabric and popped a pin through my star paper pattern.

Then on the wrong side using the Helmar fabric glue. I went around the edges, leaving a bit not glued at the bottom. Then I grabbed the second star shaped fabric and pressed it on the top. Leave that to dry.

I then did a tree shape. I cut 2 large triangles. I just free hand cut them the size I wanted. Then using the Helmar Fabric Glue I glued the sides leaving the bottom open. Once it was all dry I grabbed my embroidery thread and needle and sewed the edges for decoration. I did a blanket stitch around the edges that were glued. I then stuffed my star and tree with stuffing. Be careful not to over do the stuffing.

Using more of the Helmar Fabric Glue I ran some along the bottom edges and then pressed it closed.
You may need to hold for a little bit or pop a clothes peg or something on it to keep it shut. I then finished off the edge with more of the blanket stitching.

Then for the front I used some buttons and lace for decorations. I sewed on the buttons on the tree.

I did not like how the stitching showed on the back so I popped some lace and another button on it to cover it with a dob of the Helmar Fabric Glue. For the star I threaded some embroidery thread through the holes and made a bow. I then sewed that button on in the middle of the star. Using some more of the Helmar Fabric Glue I glued some lace under the button.

Well I had fun making these, they were a quick little project to do. I need to make about another 3 trees. They were my favourite to make.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Vintage style paper clips for in my Travelers notebook...

Today in my travelers notebook I wanted to make some vintage paper clips to add into my journal. I have some wonderful images from the graphics fairy left over that I still want to use. I am really liking the Kraft coloured paper and doing this collage. I am wanting to incorporate a few other things into this as I have been busy making all sorts of things after watching Nik the booksmith, ArtyMaze and Tracy Fox love junk journals on Youtube. Such fun tutorials to watch. They have some awesome free images on the web sites that I have downloaded to use.

I ended up getting these bigger paper clips this week after watching a few people making little tags with them and thought they would be fun to add into my journal.

I have worked on this page over the last few days just adding bits and pieces here and there when I had a bit of time. I really like doing all the blending with the vintage distress inks. The cutting, stamping and piecing together all the different shades of papers so they make one page. I ended up finishing this page live over on my sandybeached Periscope.

I am adding this over on Paint Party Friday, Hi all.
Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, August 24, 2018

In my Travellers Notebook...

I have been having a lot of fun lately using up some of the extra images that I had printed out from Index Card A Day or ICAD.  I really like using this craft coloured notebook insert from my travelers notebook. Using up my printed vintage images and just collaging bits and pieces together. I fill it in with stamps and washi tape. Just tearing book and dictionary papers and blending it all with vintage distress ink. I used a couple of my new items on this, stamps, tickets and washi tape.

This boat image was too big for my index cards and I did not want to cut it too fit. I had fun using all the tickets and trying to kind of tell a story on the pages.

On this one I had a bit of a butterfly and bee theme. I love using numbers and tags. I typed the quote on my old typewriter. "Whatever makes your soul happy do that."

I made a small pocket out of book paper so I could have my tag hanging out of the side. I have these cool bee trinkets, so I had to add one of those. 

Images are from the graphics fairy and some of the bees are from ephemera vintage garden.

Going to add this over on Paint Party Friday. Hi everyone. 

Have a great day 
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Just fun stuff...

When I do my letter journals and in happy mail. I always like to include some of my art. So to relax and just for fun. I grab a piece of white card stock and put out some blobs of paint. Then I grab a paint brush and make circles with all the colours. Add some collage papers of anything in my scrap box. Some splatters and then random dashes and mark making with my pens. Of course I added some washi tape. I just got this cool domino washi tape. 

For these ones I cut up into ATC or Artist Trading Card size.  They also make great cards or I back them with card stock to make small gift card type cards too. 

A few more of my Index cards or ICAD's from the last few days of July.

Going to add this over on Paint Party Friday.

Have a great day 
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, August 3, 2018

ICAD 2018

Over on Daisy Yellow this year. I joined in on the ICAD or Index Card a Day challenge. It is a 61 day challenge over the months of June and July. This is just a few of the cards from this months challenge.  I really enjoy the daily art making. It seems to inspire me to make even more art. 

For these cards, I used my small Gelli plate. 
Decoart acrylic paints. 
TCW, Dylusion and Andy Skinner stencils.

Linking this up over on Paint Party Friday. 
Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)