Monday, November 3, 2014

Peerless watercolours...

I see a lot of people using the travelers notebooks and taking art supplies along with you..
I have a wonderful friend Sandee Setliff, who made me this terrific watercolour palette of Peerless watercolours. The ones I have are a selection from Joanne Sharpe.  It has a plastic cover that you just flip back to use the watercolours.. Just slips in the side of my notebook fits perfectly in the pocket.. You only need a waterbrush and you are set to go.. I use one of those waterbrushes with a water reservoir. Thought some of you might find this a handy little thing to have, it takes up no room. The watercolours are so pretty and very vibrant.. Here is the link to the tutorial from Jane Davenport on how to make it.. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. I love these watercolors.. Very anxious to put mine in my midori as well... Lol whenever I get one!! Lol Sandee is awesome...

  2. What a fantastic idea Sandy.... now I want one! See you again soon.
    Amelia xx


Thank-you for the lovely comment..