Thursday, June 30, 2016

A girl and her cat..

Recently I did this trying out something that I had not tried with the Acrylic paints. I normally do this technique with watercolours but not with acrylic paints.

I sat down and just drew straight on the paper pages, no Gesso first. I love drawing those cats. This one looks very quizzical. I always sketch in my sketch book, drawing what I feel like at the time but not in my art journal. Well I draw in my art journal but it is always over the top of a background, then add gesso and then paint the image I am going to have on the top. That is what I did different this time.  I drew in my art journal and then I added the paints, like I would with watercolour. Leaving a white gap around all the drawing. I really like the way the white is around everything. I blended about 4 colours of DecoArt Americana paints into the background trying to give it some interest. Then of course I added some splatters of white on the top. Added some dangles in the corner, I love doing those and they seem to pop up on a page here and there in my art journal. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a page in my art journal. I am busy working on the ICAD challenge and will pop the next 10 of those up this Friday. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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  1. That cat has a great expression, looks like he is wondering about the she gonna feed him? what is she doing? lol


Thank-you for the lovely comment..