Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have fun and play...

I missed Limor Webber live today was so looking forward to it but hey, there is heaps to watch, that she has already recorded that are on Youtube.. So I selected this Great video.. I watched the first part and thought yes must use my sprays more for backgrounds.. It was the second page she did at the end that said 'hey try me!!' It was just a quick page and Limor said to play and just have fun with it.  So thought yep that's just what I need to do, to learn how to use these Gelatos more.. Well mine are not Gelatos they are Monte Marte Australian brand called Pastel Gliders.. 

I found they are great to use very smooth and creamy and very bright colours, love that grape purple colour. They blend really well with water.. So I learned a great lesson today. That not everything has to take ages to do (this was so quick and fun) and to not over think things when I am still learning how to use so many products..

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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