Thursday, January 23, 2014

Watercolour and Dangles...

Today I  popped some finishing touches on some watercoloured flower pages I have been working on to finish them off.. I added white pen highlights on the flowers and vine.  Coloured in the dangles in red, blue and left some white as I like to just use the colours in my main page in the dangles.. I kind of like some of them left white.  Also added the stems and leaves to the flowers with some black and white doodling.  Some wording across the vine.  Quote is 'Inside us all waiting sits a tiny little adventurous bird'.. Popped my word for the year on the other vine at the bottom 'Explore'..  I am enjoying adding dangles on my pages..   

Some bigger pictures so you don't have to squint at them..  

Have a great day.

Sandy :)


Thank-you for the lovely comment..