Thursday, June 8, 2017

Denim Journal Cover

  Today I have a recycled denim journal cover I made using up some more of my old denim jeans. To check out more great tutorials head over to the Helmar Creative team Blog

I cut the denim fabic into pieces and sewed the leg of the jeans and the back pocket together to make one long length. I then ironed it flat so you get a nice seam. 

Then figure out how big you want your journal to be. Mine ended up being about 9 inch high x 6 inch wide. I wanted to keep the pocket on the front so that I could store pens in it.

Using the Helmar Fabric Glue spread it over the cardboard and press it on to the fabric. Smoothing it as you go. My denim is a bit stretchy so this was tricky but if you glue it bit by bit you will get it to work.

I cut the corners on the inside folding it over so it makes it neat and then put the  Helmar Fabric Glue on the fabric edges. Fold over onto the cardboard on the inside. Working the corners in neatly as you go.


I then grabbed some card stock and cut it to size. Using the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue I glued it to the inside, to cover up the edges of the fabric and make it neat. 

I threaded some of my paper beads on to some hat elastic and tied it in a knot so it fit around my journal. Then I can just thread my letter journals onto the elastic. I will be able to put a few in this. I will make a note book and a few blank journals for the inside so I have a all in one journal to suit me. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :) 

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