Monday, August 11, 2014

Spread your wings...

Sandee challenged us over at Frosted designs to draw a fairy.. So I had another go and I used the same quote, I liked this quote so why not.. This is in my new journal and the other one is on a big index card so completely different spots.. I am going to give the index card one to my niece as she loves fairies..  

This is a painted acrylic background, I used 2 Crafters workshop stencils to add some details.. I drew the fairy and watercoloured her in with my Grumbacher watercolours.. Then I fussy cut her out and modpodged her onto the page and added some glitter.. I painted book paper for the middle of the flowers and doodles some stems and leaves with posca paint pen in black and the signo white pen... 
Hope she adds some fairy dust magic to your day..

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. awesome, and I just adore your handwriting, especially along the side of her! You are so talented my friend!

  2. Oh I adore your fairy! I like how you having her facing away so we see her wings. I might even be able to draw a fairy that way. Hmmmm.....ideas, ideas......


Thank-you for the lovely comment..