Saturday, August 1, 2015


 I just realised something this morning. I have been drawing these guys for months and have been popping them on instagram but I have never popped them on my blog. So here is a blog post about all my little Kawaii characters and some other guys.  

I drew this big bear yesterday and then thought he so needed lots of little friends. I find I just doodle these guys now and that I love to figure out how they all just link together. They peek out and have all sorts of different expressions. 

This bookmark was from a tutorial from Pic candle on Youtube where I first discovered Kawaii characters. Of course I had to add a couple of different ones. 

This was my first effort at drawing Kawaii and it's when I discovered they were such awesome fun to draw. 

These were inspired by Tracy Moore. I love being in The Artstronauts Club there is always something different to see. Teesha gave us all these collage sheets of Tracy's drawings and I just love to draw some of his little characters with the one eye. I love adding the little details and it's probably why my bear at the top has little spots and marks. 
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Have a great day
Sandy :)


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