Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ditto Project...

Teesha Moore last week gave us some collage in  The Artstronauts Club. Teesha asked us all to use the same pieces of collage, do pen work and see what we all come up with. There is 3 pages and this is the first one that I chose to do. Will be fun to see everyone's variations of the same thing. I popped another piece of collage at the bottom on the right and then pretty much doodled over the whole thing. But I did like the pattern and then that kind of went over the whole thing. You just never know what you are going to end up with when you start to doodle. I really like the freedom and the relaxation of it all. I was going to do drips at the top on the left but they kind of turned into those pod, reed kind of things. I used DecoArt paints with a baby wipe on the background just to give me colour. I bought some pan pastels and I used the blue and pink for shading. That will take some practice. I also used coloured pencils. Lots of spots, I kind of like spots can you tell. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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