Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the little Greenhouse...

I have not been getting as much art done as what I normally do as we have been planting out our winter veggies.. We got this little green house and I planted seeds of
Spring onions, 
Red onions,
Curly Leaf Parsley.
 This was after 5 days the rocket was already up and peeking through. 

After 2 weeks everything was up except the Curly Leaf Parsley. That takes 21 days to germinate. I am lucky that I live in a climate where I can grow vegetables all year round.  I will do another blog post about the other vegetable beds tomorrow. I thought it might be interesting to keep a bit of a photo diary of what is happening in the veggie garden.. We have a 6 bed vegetable garden each one is a raised bed 3 x 3 metre.. Approx 10 x 10 feet square.. We grow nearly all our own vegetables this time of year and have a much bigger winter vegetable garden than a summer one. So hope you found my little green house interesting I love planting seeds and watching them grow.. With a little seed raising mix, a few seeds and a spray of water and you can grow your own food. We have always grown our own veggies and have something growing that we can eat for us, the chickens and rabbits. 

So day 5 of the #90daysofblogging accomplished. If you would like to pop over and see what the others joining in on this challenge are up to today.. 
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Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. I love seeing my seedlings come up, it's just makes you happy!

  2. Rediscovering you as I am browsing through Daisy a Yellow and my ICAD posts on my blog! Lovely work here ... Wish we lived close!

  3. I love the taste of fresh vegetables and admire the ones who love to plant and grow their own.....I just can't get myself to love gardening. To me it's a chore and I quit planting one years ago. You are very lucky to be able to plant year round.....trade you!! lol


Thank-you for the lovely comment..