Thursday, February 5, 2015

Inspiration Journal...

Second one in my Inspiration Journal. I have joined the Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday group for 2015.. So you will see my pages pop up fortnightly as I follow along.. 

Lots of collage and digging in to my container of bits to see what I could stick on it.. I love tearing pages of music and book pages and trying to piece them together.. Then gesso and paint over it you just never know what you are going to get at the end, it is always a surprise.. I loved the pink and grey that I ended up with.. The reason I used pink is that I had this really lovely pink patterned tissue paper on it at the start.. I think you can see just a tiny bit of it now under all the layers of paint.. That's the fun of it all hey not knowing where it is going to go when you start.. The art wording there is my hand carved stamp that I was using the other day and you know how you prime them on a piece of paper and stamp to see if you have it inked.. Torn up and stuck there to add to the collage.. Fun stuff.. The quote across the middle of the page I just found in my container and it says..
Love will last forever. Give it freely without fear of being hurt.. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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