Thursday, April 26, 2018

Recycled Photo Frame

Hi all Vicki-Ann here today and I wanted to show you how to quickly upcycle a photo frame to match your decor.

What you will need.

I bought this at an op shop (second hand shop) for $2 what a bargain hey. Looks a bit scratched up and not the right colour for me but the design of it, is just what I am looking for.

So I sanded it back in places roughly and grabbed some Black Americana Acrylic paint and gave it 2 coats of black paint.

Then to seal, we gave it a spray of the Helmar Crystal Kote Varnish in the Matte Finish. (my husband made a great hand model) This seals it makes it easier to clean. Keeps it from fading and gives a terrific finishing touch to your project.

I added some scrapbook paper to size and now I just need to add my photos.

I was really happy with how my photo frame came up. Now it matches all the rest of the frames on the wall, of the family photo shelf in my hall, that I am working on.

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