Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Days of Index card a day

Only 7 more days to go for the Index card a day challenge. I have been enjoying the challenge of using a prompt every day and know that I now have a great lot of cards to use in my collage work, when I copy them on my printer.. A few of the cards below were bits of copies of previous cards.

 #46 Formula or recipe
I thought I would write the formula for making this index card on the index card.. 

 #47 Purple
I just love the minions in Despicable me and the purple ones are my favourite so I had to have a go at drawing them.. Always think of my friend Tamiko when I do anything purple and she loved him so much that this is her profile picture on facebook now.. 

 #48 No Prompt
I just felt like doing a bit of collage today and I had this background all done and the flower just felt like it belonged on here...

 #49 Knot or Pretzel
More practice of doing a bit of Zentangle or doodling.. I recently went to a Celtic festival and these knots where on a lot of things that you could buy there.. So thought I would have a go. They are tricky to draw..

#50 No Prompt
More collage...
 #51 Octopus or Monster
When I was little I loved this song if you don't know it here is a link... I used an eye and a horn from a collage sheet from Teesha Moore and the tentacles were from a previous Index card that I copied on my printer.. 

#52 Rainbow
I saw Tracy from Mixed Media Monday had done a lovely painting this week and thought when I saw it all the colours where perfect for the prompt of rainbow for this card. 

I am going to link this over at Paint Party Friday.. Hi Everyone.. 
Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. What a fabulous selection of index cards-so much variety and imagination!

  2. very cute creative index cards, you are having fun with these!

  3. Oh how I wished I had done these! Next time...yours are simply STUNNING...I LOVE every one of them...and the purple minion speaks to me too!! Love your use of color and whimsy!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. such beautiful work, amazing!

  5. Hi Sandy! I LOVE your cards. How fun. I have already opened the link for the next card challenge. Sounds like a great one and you certainly created some wonderful cards! Have a great PPF! Hugs, Rasz #64

  6. Your ICADS are awesome. I'm doing it, too.

  7. These are soooo much fun - love them all!!
    Happy (Belated) Paint Friday :)

  8. A wonderful collection of index card art!
    Happy PPF

  9. You made my day with these little drawings. My favorite is the Purple Minion. Bahaahahahaa...thanks for making me laugh--I needed that today.

  10. I so love your ICADS each day!! I still think my fave is the flower.. but then again.. I appreciate anything purple!! lolol

  11. Ohhhhh these are fabulous!!! I love the purple creatures. Yep purple people eaters. I was singing that song the other day.


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