Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Flat Susan and WOYWW...

Flat Susan arrived 2 weeks ago from her busy big city time with Eliza from Queenartoypia she has been made my Neet and I popped my name down for her to come and visit and see the sights and boy have we been out and about since.. Flat Susan sure has been around so thought the first stop should be a coffee at my favourite coffee shop. Flat Susan was helping me make a list in my travelers notebook of all the places she wanted to see while she was in Geelong and the Surf coast.. Follow Flat Susan
Two salty old sea-dogs from different eras sit 
out the front of the Cunningham pier.

The first stop on our sightseeing tour was to the Bollards at the Geelong waterfront. The colourful bollards are the work of artist Jan Mitchell. Jan was commissioned by the City of Geelong to transform old timbers and piles from a city pier, demolished in the 1980's. Jan turned over 100 of them into remarkable works of art.. They are all along the bay waterfront and also at the Melbourne airport. I was lucky enough to stop by a few times and watch her paint them and talk to her myself she was a lovely lady. Sadly she passed away in 2008 but what a legacy of work to leave behind. 
Flat Susan is sitting in the bottom of the parrot cage.. 

Lifesavers bit hard to see but Flat Susan is on the front ones right shoulder.

This houses the carousel unfortunately it was
shut at the time.

Above and Below depicts members of the Volunteer Rifle Band playing in Geelong's first band recital in 1861.. Flat Susan sat on the music stand looking at them all..
We have done a lot in the few weeks that Flat Susan has been with us.. So many photos so will split it up into 3 blog posts. Hope you enjoy her posts. We are enjoying her stay with us she will be zooming off to Spain this Friday. But before Flat Susan goes we are off to the Surf coast beaches tomorrow.. 
Corio Bay Geelong Victoria Australia
The Bollards are all around the bay area my opinion!

I am posting this on WOYWW too as I know many people follow flat Susan from there.. 
Have a great day
Sandy :) 


  1. What fun!!! I don't know that I knew of Flat Susan before this post. What a fun and awesome idea! I love the sights you've taken her to so far.

  2. Flat Susan is having a lovely time in the sunshine there! So glad to catch up with her again. Helen 8

  3. Flat susan had a great time we see
    Bridget #4

  4. Wow how cool are the lifesavers and riflemen, great photo's to share with us fellow crafter's...
    What is Flat Susan?
    Have a wonderful week showing Susan the sights...

    Maria No:17

  5. What an exciting and exotic holiday spot for Susan! It all looks lovely, and she will have a fantastic time. Would that all we WOYWWers could have such a wonderful world trip, visiting all those beautiful places - and play at all those fun desks! Happy WOYWW to you both. Chris # 15

  6. Flat Susan seems to be hanging around a lot of kewl looking men in uniforms those log carvings look wonderful hugs Nikki 1

  7. Ah, that's where Flat Susan has got to...I wondered where she'd been :-). Lovely place you took her to. I adore those sculptures, such fun and so clever. Of course, as a tuba player myself, I was most impressed by the band!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  8. Wow I had no idea Flat Susan was still gallivanting around the globe. Lovely to see your lovely pics.
    Sandra de @29

  9. Sorry about fingers are still asleep this morning. Glad you were able to have Flat Susan for a visit. Love your photos!
    Glenda #30

  10. Flat Susan sure gets around! I've recently worked out what she's all about. I used to think she was a real person, LOL! Great adventures, I'm sure she's enjoyed her visit! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #30

  11. Wow Sandy, that post was worth waiting for. What a fantastic place you took her to. I just love those figures, I hope someone keeps up the painting of them so that they are always there for everyone to see. Guess I won't shut FS up when she pops home after her visit to Spain.
    Hugs - and thanks a lot for what you have done/are doing with Flat Susan.
    Neet xxx 18

  12. Flat Susan is still having a ball, as it seems. And she definitely has much nicer weather than we do!
    Gabriele 12

  13. Hi Sandy and Flat Susan...a very well traveled young lady, what a great idea to see the sights of the world. Makes being the host much more aware of things we take for granted when you're showing someone around. Cheers enjoy your week RobynO#26

  14. What a stunning place. Flat Susan really has a lot to tell when she gets home! #24

  15. How cute! My daughter did a Flat Stanley when she was in grade school--so fun. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  16. This is my first introduction to Flat Susan. She seems like a really cool traveler. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Pat #50

  17. Flat Susan is visiting so many exciting places, hope she is keeping a journal of all her memories. Have a great week, Angela x 28

  18. Ah she has been to the bollards what fun they are and those surf life savers are really awesome and quite well shaped. The bollards have to be one of the best things in Geelong. I look forward to hearing what else you have been up to. Have fun and I look forward to reading more.


  19. Flat Susan sure does know all the fabulous spots to want to visit! I really enjoyed tagging along... :D
    Beth P
    WOYWW #49


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