Thursday, January 2, 2014

Twinkling H2o's....

So I was playing with my new twinkling H2o's such pretty little pots of watercolour.. I was just trying out all the colours too see what they looked like.. I really like the light blue and the yellow has lots of twinkle.. Well I was finished writing on the vine with my white pen it says.. Have fun... Try New things... Be daring.. Just do it... Try it out.. make mistakes its ok.. Thought yep done picked up my water to take a drink and .... Spilt water all over it.. All I could do was laugh..  So that's why its all a bit blurry on the left page.. I was going to leave the background white.  I then changed that and got out my yellow watercolour crayon and coloured it all in and blended it..  Do you think the universe was trying to see if what I wrote was true? Its ok to make mistakes, well it must be after all its only paper..

Have a great day
Sandy :) 

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  1. Wait? It's only paper? That's what hubby says about money. Along with of course it doesn't grow on trees, it *is* trees. I did have a giggle your boo boo and I'm glad you could salvage it. I'd be in tears myself.


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