Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Helmar art journal cover

Over on the Helmar Creative Team page I created an art journal. I  have been joining in with Rae Missigmans doing the Art Marks 30 Day Challenge Rae announced during the week that she is doing another challenge in March so a whole new set of prompts.  So I needed a new art journal for the new challenge. So it was time to make another one.

First I grabbed my craft knife and cutting mat and cut my cardboard. So my cover ended up being 
8 1/2 inches ( 21.5 cm) by 5 1/5 inches (13.97 cm).

I used the cardboard backing that was with my paper. The cardboard is quite sturdy and I cut it in half. So that meant it was the perfect size for my book. The paper I use is Monte Marte Watercolour paper and has 30 sheets so I will get 2 books of 30 pages so it works out so well and the paper holds up to sewing really well. I punched holes 4 cm in from each inside edge. I spread Gesso over the cardboard and then painted with my palette knife. I used a stencil to add some details and interest.

I then placed some book and dictionary papers together with a bit of plasterers tape and tacked it together with some Helmar Tacky Craft Glue to hold. I added a little paint over the paper, so it matched in to the background. Let that dry a bit, then I sewed with my sewing machine in a zig zag motion. Add this to the cardboard cover on the background with the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue

Then on the inside I thought I would add some interest with some painted desk papers that I use to cover my desk when I paint. 

So I drew around it and cut it to size.

Then I spread the inside cover with the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Glue with the paint and glue spreader. I also added the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Glue to the back of the painted underpapers and used the paint and glue spreader to remove any excess glue and bubbles so I get a nice smooth finish.
I used some Payne's grey Decoart paint on the edges.

I then cut my watercolour papers to size and using the cover as a guide I punched the holes to suit and added the rings

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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