Monday, August 24, 2015

She wanted to see the beauty...

I had to have another go at another girl today. I wanted to try to do hair a bit better. After looking at a few pins on Pinterest on how to draw hair. I saw that hair has wispy bits, yep of course it does. I had just never thought about that before. So many bits to a face until you go to draw or paint one you never think about.

I used DecoArt Americana paints in Ocean Blue and Vivid Violet for the background and used a brayer to paint it on. Then I used a stencil with Lemon Yellow for all the little flowers. I doodled around them with my black and white pen adding little highlights and dashes. Then it was time to draw my girl. I drew her then painted her in with DecoArt Media line Gesso so the next layers of colours stand out better. I used Deep Burgundy for her hair and then Flesh tone for her face with a tiny bit of the Deep Burgundy mixed into the Flesh tone to add some dimension to her face. I highlighted her nose and eyes with my white signo pen. Added little lines of black with my black pen, in her hair to add depth. I have been sketching a lot in a new small sketch book. Think all the eyes and faces I have been practicing drawing are really helping me to get more confidence with faces. 

Have a great day
Sandy :) 

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  1. The hair line right around the face is the hardest for me to do!


Thank-you for the lovely comment..