Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ditto Project # 2...

Using my Travelers notebook art journal (it has watercolour paper). Today I set out to do more of the ditto project from Teesha Moore. Teesha gave us some collage in The Artstronauts Club and asked us all to use the same pieces of collage, do pen work and see what we all come up with. There is 5 pages and this is the second one that I chose to do.  I used DecoArt Americana in Wisteria. I blended it on with a baby wipe on the background just to give me colour. I changed the hair on the person on the left. My printer played up and put lines all through the red that was supposed to be there. So I replaced it with this bit of collage and then that inspired me to go all black and white. I added butterfly wings but that was the only changes I made.. All the rest is just doodling and adding words. Lots of spots and swirls they were fun. I liked the flowers and the way I could pop the words in between the lines. I enjoyed kind of anchoring my collage together with the web like lines and intertwining them. That kept me busy while I was listening to music this afternoon. I am looking forward to doing the next set of collage.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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  1. Loved looking at all the bits and bobs on your page, so interesting!


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