Sunday, May 10, 2015


I got an unexpected bonus the other day when I bought some craft items at Typo.. It's one of my favourite stores to look around in. You just never know what you are going to find. Well I bought 2 tins of cards, they were half price. Then they were also on a table that said 30% off all marked price. Woohoo.. 

The cards were these ones, Rolling Stones. I am not a massive fan or anything but to cut these cards up and use them for collage, yep. Great images for that. 

Then these ones, they will make it into my collages somewhere. The tins will make fabulous mini journals or just something to store things in. 
So what was the unexpected bonus. The bag that they gave me the tins in.. Isn't it awesome will be going on some collage for sure.. Look at the crossword and the bingo tickets. The Elephant and the bike. So many little images that I will be able to use on this bag. 

So day 9 of the #90daysofblogging accomplished. If you would like to pop over and see what the others joining in on this challenge are up to today.. 
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Have a great day
Sandy :) 


  1. Whoo hooo, next time ask them if they can package each item in a seperate bag LOL. I love it!!

  2. LOL.. at the comments above.. Awesome finds!! I think I have some of these bags I can part with :)

  3. Just had to say how much I love the paper bag too. Have you cut it up to use on a project yet?

    1. No not yet have come close twice now and then turned to something else. So it won't be long and it will end up on something.


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