Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fabric paper...

Watched Barb Owen live this morning on ustream from How to get creative.  Barb was making fabric paper and as I had everything to make it, I had a go this afternoon. So it was just lots of decoupage glue mixed with a little water and tissue paper, napkins, deli paper. All torn up into pieces.. Glued all onto Calico or as some call it Muslin fabric. 

Then when its wet you add paint.. Hmmm well not sure about the paint part. Think I might have used too much or needed more of a transparent paint. 

This is after the paint not sure if I like it. Might look ok when its cut up into sections. Maybe might just get cut it up for flowers or add some more layers of stamping.. But hey not everything works the first time you do it.. It might grow on me.. 

Talking of growing here is the same Broad bean seedling and the coriander photo bombing again from last week.. Thought it might be fun to do a weekly update of the same little plants. 

So day 14 of the #90daysofblogging accomplished. If you would like to pop over and see what the others joining in on this challenge are up to today.. 
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Have a great day
Sandy :) 


  1. I think your paper turned out very nice, I want to try it also but just don't have the right material. I also love to watch plants grow, so keep showing pics.

  2. Your little seedling is doing well, can't wait to seer it grow up!


Thank-you for the lovely comment..