Friday, October 17, 2014

Journal cover

Just a quick update post about my watercolour Midori insert that I made the other week.. I have been having a lot of fun with collage, painting and drawing in this and will do a flip of all the pages when it is finished.. The cover was getting a bit mucky with all the art that I have been doing in it.. So I collaged on the cover with some of the copies of my index cards and popped packaging tape over it. Keeps it all wonderfully clean and is a pleasure to use when its got a nice cover on it..  This journal was made from the tutorial at My life all in one place with Ray Blake

Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. Quick, hide this from Tamiko!!! lol this is WOW FABULOUS!!! You could sell these!!

  2. hahaha I already saw it.. and encouraged her to share.. I am an EO enabler!! I think this insert is awesome!! I fI EVER get rich.. I am gifting EVERYONE a MIDORI!!

  3. Wow Sandy, this is fantastic! So creative.
    See you again soon!
    Amelia xx


Thank-you for the lovely comment..