Friday, August 1, 2014

The final cards of Index card a day..

Been a fun journey over the last 61 days at Daisy yellow to do a card a day from a prompt on the Index card. I have enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something for each one and trying new techniques.  Out of all of it I have really learned... Hey I can draw, who knew!! Certainly not me.. I knew I could draw a daisy but hey they are not hard. But I never would have thought I could draw a Zebra or a sewing machine. I have really enjoyed doing the little sketchy drawings. So I know that it is something that I am going to continue on with..  

#53 Mushroom
Quote is Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom by Thomas Carlyle. This was done with watercolours on a sketch done with pen.

# 54 Leaf
I doodled a leaf collaged that beautiful fine purple leaf and sewed a leaf for this.

#55 Jewel
This is the different cuts that jewelers make for the stones.

#56 Turquoise
Background is Dylusion Spray, collaged the house from some Gelli prints and painted the tree, sewed around edge.. Typed with my typewriter for the quote. 

#57 Carousel
I Went to draw a horse on a carousel pole but it turned into a unicorn with a
 pointy tail.. 

 #58 Zebra
Fun little sketch to draw.. 

 #59 Angel
I used some of my deli paper gelli print for the background for this one. I drew the angel and then watercoloured and cut her out and collaged her on. I was a bit stuck about what to do about wording on this as I like to put quotes on my ICAD's.. That's when I thought wait, I will just copy the dictionary.

 #60 Blind Selfie
Everyone was doing these blind selfies so I tried too and came up with this beauty.. lol  I have lopsided eyes and a double chin...

#61 Thread
Well this was the last one for the year.. I drew the sewing machine then watercoloured it in. Stamped with a sewing pattern prima stamp for the background. I found this quote and so wanted to use it but had to type it 3 times in different ways to get it to fit. but I am glad I persevered with it.  

I am going to post this over at Paint Party Friday.. Hi everyone.. 
Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. Wonderful cards, especially the mushroom and the leaves. Valerie

  2. You got a lot of work done! Love them all, especially the mushrooms, the zebra and the sewing-machine.

  3. your ICADs are great!! it's been such a fun challenge. I need to get mine scanned and posted. Can't believe the two months have just flown by!

  4. You have really been doing a lot of great art this week! I love the zebra saying! Such fun! I think my favorite is the painting of the gemstones. So clever.

  5. Such variety! Loved all your artworks and your lettering looks beautiful!

  6. I was so taken with every single one of your art pieces. How wonderful--I adore leave, nature and the like--so I especially loved the one of the leaf bones.

  7. I LOVE all your index cards!! Like I said before wish I'd done it too...last time I did shoes and made it into a little booklet at vista print... You should take your favourites and get them made into a booklet..... you won't regret it. I love my book...I put quotes with them. Wait for a good sale at vistaprint though!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. All of these are just wonderful. The Mushroom is my favorite.

  9. So fun to create something beautiful out of index cards! The turquoise house is my fav - love the message and the painting! Happy PPF!

  10. what fabulous cards... I love the top one and the sewing machine... well i think they are all great but those two are really amazing...congrats on finishing the challenge...xx


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