Sunday, July 13, 2014

Index Card a Day #32 to #38

#32 Tea or Coffee 
Collage of all my favourite drinks that keep me going in the day.. I brought new coffee mugs so I scanned the image and collaged it on.. 

#33 Tomorrowland
I did the wonky land for the tomorrowland prompt thought it was fun to do it so small. Used sharpie's for the buildings and neocolour II for the larger areas.. The index cards just don't like water much.. 

#34 Independence day or Flag
I created the flag of my world all the things that appear in my art on my flag.. Black and white across the bottom and top.. Spots and dangles.  Dictionary paper with acrylic paint, writing and a butterfly.. Of course in my world the sky would be pink.. 

#35 Postage stamp
Thought I would make my own postage stamps with faces on them.. 

#36 Tag or Label
For some reason I just had to write that on there, so now your it.. Peerless watercolour background with France Papillon cube stamp.. 
#37 Lollypops
Sharpie pens with Dylusion sprayed paper centres. 

#38 Green
I watched a tutorial from Roben Marie Smith on mail art and she had made some wonderful mail art with some of her journal pages.. So thought ok well I can do that on an index card and try it out.. Have been looking forward to doing more sewing on my cards.. 

Come on over to daisyyellow ICAD and find out all the information and join in on the fun... 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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  1. I really like the Tomorrowland card and the last one with the houses. The sewing adds a great touch.


Thank-you for the lovely comment..