Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WOYWW #235

On my desk this week there is my new, think its for toast but I am going to dry cards or stack them in it when they are finished, its a quite heavy ceramic. Just thought it would be good for keeping them up off my desk. Picked it up at the op shop, bargain.. I still have a few more Christmas cards to make yet but I have just been playing with watercolours the last few days.  I wanted a background to do some pen work on it, some doodling practice.  Its right out there hey. I drew this the other night no flowers in sight just a random flow of lines and colours.  I just find it relaxing and with everything going on its what I need at the moment.. I have been helping children move houses everyone is moving somewhere else within 2 weeks so moving to and fro and lots of cleaning.. With that, I will get a whole room to move into next weekend. So one more week you will see my desk here and then it will be all different.. 
This is a photo of my new cat Misty.She is making herself all at home and has settled in really well. She was watching with interest while we put up the Christmas tree.

 Misty says hi to Eliza and Yoda.
Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. hi sandy you have been having great fun.. sch lovely bright colours and great idea for toast rack :D and think you are going to find lots of cat hair around that cute pussy! Shaz in oz.x #10

  2. Great colourful piece and I look forward to seeing your new crafting room :-)
    Such a lovely cat - sooooo pretty. Hmmm - watching the tree eh ?!! I bet she's just working out a climbing game plan to do whilst your back is turned hee hee LoL :-)

    HAPPY WOYWW #235

    IKE in Greece #24

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  3. The colorful patterns you painted in your art journal are so bold and beautiful. I also like your new and very clever repurposed card holder. Take care of your back while moving and Blessings!

  4. Wow! I love those vibrant colours you have going on in your journal and what a clever idea with the toast rack! Annie #77

  5. Doodling practice? I don't think you need practice! it's really lovely, and so vibrant...matches what's in your head! Great of you to help with the movers, it's such a hard job!

  6. gorgeous vibrant colours on those pages. What a time for them all to be moving... Take it easy now!
    Misty is beautiful and I hope she gets along well with the others.
    Jo x

  7. What an excellent idea for stacking cards to dry! Misty looks absolutely gorgeous! What a beauty! Thank you so much for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #52

  8. Great way of stacking cards. Trying to make my own at the moment but seem behind as always!
    Loving Misty, she looks very at home.

  9. Gorgeous desk space..beautiful and bright inspiring! Love seeing your watercolors out..and your art is very striking..beautiful and vibrant..totally magical! AW..gorgeous sweet!
    Happy Creating
    Victoria #92

  10. Hi, sorry I tried to post 3 times yesterday with my iPad and it wouldn't let me or the spelling was wrong, but hey here I am again. Thank you so much for showing us Misty, she is one really pretty cat, a lot like our Tommy with long hair but beautiful regardless and what a lovely home and family she has now. She does look intrigued over the goings on. You really are getting into the journal work and good for you. A new room to boot on the horizon it makes all that cleaning and sorting worth it, especially when you get your own craft room. Good luck with it all I am excited for you. Say hi to Stewart and give Misty a tickle and a cuddle from me.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  11. Forgot to add, do you have a big window in your new space? just curious.

    Hugs E

  12. Lovely cat! Hope all your moving goes well.
    Bernice #62

  13. I love your bright pages, such glorious colours. How fabulous that you get a room all to yourself, I look forward to seeing it next week. I feel your pain with the moving bit, I'm moving mum and dad soon.
    Have a great week and enjoy setting up the new room.
    Von #32

  14. Hi Sandy,

    What a cute little furball! So glad she's settling right in. I still think animals are the best therapy that's out there.

    Your pages look very cool. The design kind of has an art deco feel to me.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (12)

  15. Hi Sandy, I'm just about to do the draw for my 2014-Aussie Notecard Swap. Would you make contact and confirm that you still want to participate in 2014.


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