Saturday, November 2, 2013

November is Art Every Day Month...

I need some inspiration and some motivation to get myself going after a huge slump in my blogging and my art.. So today I saw this.. November is Art every day month at Creative every day I thought hmm this might be just the thing to get me going.  I am going to post everything I do and I know not all of it is going to be anything fancy, it is just going to be for me and I am going to share with you my creative challenge.. Sometimes my photos will probably be rushed so you will have to forgive my poor photography skills.. But hey I am going to give this a go.. Why don't you join in with me? 
So my posts sometimes will not be long probably just a photo and a few words to say what it is.. I will have to explain it just so you know what I was trying to do.. lol.. There is lots of things that I have to do crafting wise so this will be the boost to get some of them done, like some Christmas cards and this fantastic bird cage my husband has made for me, that I have to paint.. I am sure the Gelli plate will make a few appearances to use some of my new stencils. Oh and I saw these very cool beads that I so want to make.. 

Ok so for the first one I have done a watercolour, what a surprise hey.. Well it is only half done, today I am going to add the doodling which well that is the part that brings this style of watercolour alive, in my point of view anyway.. I so enjoy the doodling part adding the little touches.. The painting of the flowers at the start that is relaxing, I always do it like that the watercolour flowers and then the doodling separate, as I like it all to be thoroughly dry before I use any of my pens... So I will definitely be doing a few watercolour projects this month as I am trying to fill my little book.. Wish me luck!!

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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  1. You are one busy gal. I can tell you are very creative and diverse, too. I see you have also been bitten by the gelli bug. I've wanted one since I first saw one three years ago, but so far, no one has taken my request seriously. I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.


Thank-you for the lovely comment..