Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WOYWW #195 and My Blogaversary

It is actually my blogaversary today 1 year ago today I started on this journey of blogging.  I have made some amazing friends, and I have learned so much.  I want to take this opportunity to say to everyone a big Thank-you! for welcoming me into this wonderful world of blogging and crafting.. I have just amazing followers and it thrills me still, every time someone decides they like my blog enough to follow it, or just to take the time out of there busy day to leave a comment.

So to my desk.. 

Went out today op shopping to find some music pages for the mixed media that I have been getting into lately.. I also found the perfect Journal book that I can make into a mixed media one.  It has little tags and pockets in it already. Its a gardening journal so lots of pictures of flowers in it also, so perfect for what I want to do with it.. Lovely little basket, I have put some stamps in it at the moment.  They do all fit in here until, you know, it might change because I might have to buy some more.. I have another little owl too peeking out was so cute could not resist, cute little face with little daisy's on her.  Thanks to all for all the wonderful comments I received last week and sorry for mucking up the link..  The suggestions for naming my owl where all a hoot... sorry had to do that.. Loved all of them Olly, Hooter, Hootie, Oscar, the one that got  me was this one from
 Mrs C 
i need more of every card! i have a fair in 3 weeks and dont have nearly enough prepared keep getting horrible bugs that knock me back for days
i love the owl, my daughter (6) thinks he should be called pipin there was no explanation for the name lol Happy WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #54
I love the thought that her darling daughter came up with a name for my owl from the other side of the world.. So Pipin it is don't you think its perfect?.. 
So hop on over to have a peek around desks at Julia's.  Make sure you have a cuppa ready before you venture into the wonderful world of Julia's Stamping Ground

Thanks for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments I enjoy reading every one.  

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. Pipin is perfect, Sandy! And your new gardening book for your journal is extraordinary! And your basket, oh my! Happy Bloggoversary, my dear, and many, many more! (I'm not linked over at WOYWW yet, no post from Julia has appeared, but you came in my blog roll, so I hopped over ahead of the bus. Don't tell anyone.)

  2. Lovely tidy desk and what a great find for the new journal.
    Sandra @12

  3. Pipin is an adorable (and perfect) name!
    I love your desk - it's so vibrant and productive :)
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    Best wishes from Bubbles

  4. Happy Blogaversary!!! I think mine is Feb also, must look. Have fun with your journal ideas. I've seen the cutest owls lately. And Pepin is a good name. Happy WOYWW and Enjoy your visits # 7

  5. Hullo there Sandy,
    At last able to WOYWW again - great name - Pippin or Pipin

    …Some lovely organising going on here!

    Oh and re paper with music on it - you can download it from images online and print it off on your printer, too!!

    ... or scan ones you have already and make digi images of them you know? have done both!

    ..and have files of these digi images for use do lots of my favourite papers this way too!

    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

  6. a very organised desk . Happy 1st year blog anniversary. Jill #22

  7. Another cute little owl to keep the other one company, great name too. Good luck with the journaling.

  8. great looking desk. Love the basket of stamps. Pipin sounds like an awesome name for the owl!! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #39

  9. A hive of industry here and such a cute owl.
    What a lovely name for you last week one.
    Hugs, Neet 27 xx

  10. Yay for Pipin! great things going on, but so tidy! and happy blogoversary. Helen, 8

  11. a great desk for us to look at today, love that you have found a book to use that already had pockets, how lucky are you!
    Pippin will help you with you crafting and I am sure when his new friend has a name you will have some fab little helpers
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  12. Happy blog anniversary
    Pippin is a great name for the owl
    Using a gardening journal with pockets is a great idea
    Jackie 13

  13. Happy Blogaversary! I also joined to your followers :)
    Pipin is just perfect name to the owl!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #3

  14. Great desk, and would to see some of journal as you do it :-). I am always amazed at what we manage to fit into a small space lol! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #26

  15. Nice busy desk there - happy Blogaversary! Sunshine Girl - No. 36

  16. Sorry Sandy, forgot to say happy Blogoversary.
    Elaine #51

  17. Yep, Pipin is a great name - children are so uninhibited..they just choose. We get all tangled up in choices and what it looks like compared to the choice, argh! Loving the sight of a basket FULL of stamps on your desk. And congrats on your first year - remember how nervous you were at the start...that went away and the rest went really fast huh!!

  18. Yeah Pipin gets my vote - it's original as well. Well done on your first blogiversary!! Had to smile about your comment that the stamps all fit in the box until you get more - can't think what you are talking about LOL!!

  19. Pippin is a great name, love the desk looks all busy and creative, thanks for sharing Tracy#72

  20. What a Lovely name for your owl :0)
    Happy Anniversary of your blog too x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  21. Congrats on the blogaversary - and a lovely busy desk

    Happy WOYWW

    Debs #95

  22. Happy WOYWW, Happy Blogaversary and Happy everything else...
    great desk and fabulous journal idea too... have a good week..Gill x #104

  23. Happy Blogaversary !! Love the name for the new owl! Nice shopping haul. Happy WOYWW! Nan #1

  24. Congratulations on your first anniversary.

    Love the name Pipin.

    Happy Wednesday Susi#73

  25. Happy Blogaverary and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol.x #59

  26. Happy Blogoversary. I love the name PinPin for your is perfect. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Mr Linky has disappeared from Julia's blog, but I was somewhere around #65! Caro x

  27. Happy Blogoversary! Great idea to use a gardening journal.
    Bishopsmate #105

  28. Happy blogaversary sweetie!
    Hugs xx Cara xx

  29. Well Happy Blogaversary to you and Pipin!
    Krisha #32

  30. Congrats on your blogaversary or how ever you spell it.

  31. Me again Sandy, just had to tell you that the owl mug works fine, used it this morning with my first cuppa cha of the day.
    The eyes open really quick once the boiling water hits the cute.
    Elaine #51

  32. Happy Anniversary! Ah Pippin - DD loved that show with the dog called Pippin but I haven't thought of it in years!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (4)

  33. Pippin reminds me of The Lord of the Rings. A great name for a wise owl. Have a great week with your lovely journal. xx Maggie #15

  34. Pippin, excellent name and what a treat to have a 6 year old name him. Your desk looks better than mine, mine is lacking me, busy back at work. Looking forward to the show on the weekend, when we catch up.

    Hey dont forget to wear your badge and I will bring my camera.

    Hugs Eliza

  35. Happy Blogaversary, lots of loveliness on your desk and a great find with the journal book, happy altering. Love your cute owls I have a bit of a thing for owls too, thought you might be interested in this
    there are some lovely images.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie *160

  36. I like your new little owl - very cute. And I'm glad you found a name for the other guy. What are you going to call Pippin's new friend? Happy Blogaversary by the way. April #151

  37. Hi Sandy,

    Happy Blog anniversary! Congrats!! Isn't bloggers some of the nicest people!

    My library has a little bookstore where people donate books. I have found several books in several different languages. Not to mention songbooks. If you have something like that where you live I'd recommend it. There's a "free" stack at my library. You can also use the hardback covers for mixed media canvases!

    Happy WOYww
    Thanks for visiting me already!

    Kay #60


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