Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whats on your workdesk Wednesday?

So its Wednesday and its time for all of us to check into Julia's Stamping ground to do our Wednesday blog hop around all the desks.  Have you joined in yet? Or taken a peek?  Warning its highly addictive.
So here is my desk....

I have been a busy little stamper but everything is kind of finished at the moment and really haven't decided what the next thing to do is.  I know I have to finish decorating  2 of the insides of my cards, that's why they are on my desk.  I have everything out all ready to go..

    What do you do to the insides of your cards?
1.   Do you leave them blank?  
3.   Do you just leave them decorated but no sentiment?
3.   Just a stamped sentiment?
4.   Or are they all decorated with sentiment and ready to send?  

Bit of a survey happening hey, but I am interested to find out.  I took a look at my stash and I seem to do 1 and 4. 
Happy WOYWW everyone, I'm off to take a peek at some desks.
Have great day
Sandy :)


  1. Hi Sandy, I can see the kite cards you posted earlier and those cute little owls. WOYWW 164 doesn't seem to be up at the mo...strange 'cause it usually is by now.

    I used to just make a blank insert for my cards but now I go the whole hog and decorate both inside pages to compliment the front.


  2. That Christmas card looks lovely on your desk. I mainly do No. 1 as they are commissions but if I am doing a card to send it is either 1 or 4 depending on occasion.

    Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21

  3. Sme great makes on your desk..I am a naughty rafter and don't make that many cards!!!! But if I do I leave blank.have great week trace. X 9

  4. Love your cards. I nearly always stamp the greeting inside my cards as I go. Helen, 6

  5. It depends on the card, whether it's for me to use or to sell or to display. If it's to sell, I decorate in some way. I like to carry on the design onto the inside but sometimes I don't have another sheet of a particular paper, so I put a thin snippet down the left hand side which people have said they quite like.
    I like your owl paper weight!
    Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  6. Yes I do all four too! It depends upon my mood and how much time I have as to what happens on the inside - more often than not though they are left blank and I have to write big! I have those Christmas Stampin Up stamps too - arent they lovely. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #1

  7. Mostly, I leave them blank inside. Frankly, it's hard enough getting the front finished! If we weren't friends, I would express horror at the subject of your card. And then forgive you because I love the balloon and owl card!

  8. Lovely cards. In answer to you qestions, some cards i don't add anything inside , but mostly do like to stamps a little sentiment insdie as i think it finishes the card off. Jill #32

  9. I leave them blank as I mostly make card faces and if I'm going to give them to someone I put a plain piece of paper on the back and write on it.
    Aeryn @ #27

  10. i tend to make cards as i need them so stamp the appropriate greeting inside as i make them,somehow i never seem to aquire a stash of cards apart from xmas ones,prefer to make albums at the moment :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  11. I moslty decorate the insides as well to compliment the outside. Sometimes I leave the inside blank so the card can be used for any occasion as I have some customers that like it that way, but I do decorate the insides without the greeting too.

    gosh that sounds all mixed up, i think you will understand. LOL

    Eliza #16

  12. I make my cards as I need them so stamp Happy birthday etc on the inside... for a special card I decorate the inside too... Have a good week, Hugs May x x x#11

  13. I am a leave it blank and then add an inner when I am ready to send it kinda girl! Unless I am making a card for like yesterday and then I do the whole thing at once :-D I love your kite flying owl cards ..... very cute! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  14. Hello! I haven't made a card in aaages..... but if i do then i leave it blank for a personal message when signing it!! Trish #55

  15. I see Christmas cards - you're going to be so organised. As for the inside, I usually leave them blank until I need to get them packaged up for sale - the outside is the fun part!
    Bernice #74

  16. There's that Christmas card looking good. The cards with the owls and kites is so sweet. I like how the kites all have real strings. A lot of my cards are for swaps so usually I leave them blank, although lately I've been decorating them with a strip or two of washi tape and a greeting.

  17. I seldom stamp the inside of my cards. I always like to write a note there and don't feel I need the sentiment. Glenda 71

  18. If it is a Xmas card, I stamp a sentiment.

    If I am making the card for a specific person, I stamp a sentiment I have chosen just for them.

    If it is a stash card, I leave them blank until I pull them out to use.

    Sometimes I add snippets etc to the inside, often I stamp the matching image or part of it on the envelope.

  19. 1 and sometimes 3 but mostly I leave them blank until i want them and then add a simple sentiment.
    Thanks for sharing your desk.
    Hugs, neet x 8

  20. Your Christmas card is great. I like to decorate the inside of my cards on both sides and have a couple of sentiments. #81

  21. Hi Sandy, nice cards on your tidy desk ... are all SU stampers trained in tidiness? I usually decorate the inside, and often the back too, either with matching design paper or a stamped image. Sometimes I add an insert - depends on the colour of the base card, i.e. if it is a dark colour or Kraft. Rarely do I leave the inside bare but will if I intend using it as a notecard. Hope this helps you in your research :) Belated happy WOYWW to you. Elizabeth x #24

  22. Hi Sandy, insides depends on time, the kind of card, and who it's for! Sometimes I go the whole hog, sentiment, stamping, punched corners on the insert - maybe for a wedding card, other times just a plain blank folded insert loL!

    Hapy woyww

    Debs #134


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