Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Faithful Friend

Misty my cat has been very interested in what I have been doing the last few days. So it was inevitable that she would inspire a page in my moleskine art journal. 

I always use DecoArt Media Gesso on my pages first it gives it a great base to work on and makes my pages really sturdy. I used a flower stencil and some DecoArt  Modeling paste over the Gesso. I then used the DecoArt misters in Shimmer Turquoise and Yellow and the Primary Magenta over the top of  the flowers.  I went around that with the DecoArt Americana Turquoise Blue with a paint brush and grabbed a small sponge and dabbed in places. I then re sprayed the flowers over the top. I liked the layers it added. I used the side of a card and some Americana Snow white paint to add some lines. Added some water to a little Gesso and added the splatters.  I drew my cat on watercolour paper and painted her in Americana Vivid Violet and more of the Turquoise Blue in patches blending them together. I then cut her out and glued her on the page, shading around her and adding whiskers and more lines for details in black and white pens. I stamped some words around my cat just to add a little detail. Then I grabbed my pen and wrote the quote. I am liking writing my quotes and this one worked out well in the spot on the left there. I enjoyed drawing and painting my pink cat so this will not be the last one of these you see. Maybe a purple one next. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. She is so cute and I love the words cat-t-tude written up along her tail.

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  3. What a wonderful categorie. Hugs Marja

  4. What a wonderful cat. Hugs Marja

  5. What a wonderful cat. Hugs Marja


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