Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Index Card a Day Week 5...

I have been playing along with Index card prompts and this is the Fifth week done. More info on what ICAD - Index Card a Day is check out all the info over at Tammy's. Tammy has it all sorted and so organised, just pop over to Daisy Yellow. Join in the fun as there is no rules. You don't have to follow the prompts you can just do your own thing. The point is to just do a little Index card art every day and have fun along the way. 

No 30 Telephone
Brick stencil and stamp of a telephone.

 No 31 Trivia
Little watercolour drawing.

 No 32 Weather
Fun little weather icons.

 No 33 I love Lucy
Very quick one this day had like 5 minutes to do something.
 No 34 4th of July or Independence day
Thought I would have a go at drawing my own little character and dressed her up in the red white and blue. 

 No 35 Portrait
Tim Holtz stamps with distress ink.

No 36 Backgammon
Totally blank for this prompt just started to draw the little triangles on the backgammon board then the circles and then it just turned into this. 

Well that was it for week 5. I remember this being a very busy week for me. I think you can tell everything was just quick, yep lets get this done. I still found the time though even if it was just a quick sketch. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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