Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MMM & Day 5 November Art every day month

Today I watched Tracy at Mixed Media Monday I so loved what she did so followed along after watching.. I actually picked my background colours while I was watching her paint.. I got to use my new stencils I had received for my birthday in the background, so that had been my plan for today anyway so it worked out really well. Tracy dared us to make something with one of her selected colour schemes and to put on the page something with gratitude.. Well I am grateful to Tracy for showing me the world of mixed media and watercolour.  I would not be doing what I have been doing all this year without her influence.. Tracy is a great teacher and gives her time and encouragement on her blog, ustream channel and facebook page. 

So the quote on my page is " At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.. 
 by Albert Schweitzer.
Thanks Tracy for lighting that flame.. 

If you missed what I am up to, I am joining in with 'November Art every day month'. Click on the link below for more details of how you can join in too. 

Art every day month :day 5.
Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. I love that quote. I am going to have to file it away and use it someday.

  2. This page is ingenious. I really like it a LOT. And of course, I am glad you provided the link to MMM's blog. I will check it out, since I love mixed media.

  3. I love this design. It could be used in so many ways

  4. I love everything about this page, especially that new quote I haven't heard. Thanks for the Tracy's link too, will go check her out. So glad she could inspire you do make these beautiful art pages, you are a natural. Love the page and the designs!

  5. I love this page!!!!! A great quote which I have already added to my collection of quotes so I don't forget. Have a great day!!!!

  6. Very pretty and I love that quote. How appropriate for this challenge when we are all being inspired by Leah and each other!

  7. This is really wonderful and uplifting. I love your quote and color scheme!

  8. Hello V

    Great page and I saw it on Tracys' blog, good for you and hey I got number 1, but most of all check out those stencils from Typo, I am going to have to go shopping again LOL I do like the quote you have used it is so uplifting as someone else said before. Glad to hear things are getting better. How is Misty doing with her new family?

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

  9. Beautiful page Sandy! And the quote! I ended up using this same quote! I did a search and it came up and I thought hope perfect since it is Tracy that seems to rekindle that spark each week. I hope you don't mind that I used it as well. I didn't start looking at everyone's work until I finished mine,so honestly I didn't mean to copy you! Thank you for sharing!


Thank-you for the lovely comment..