Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dream a little Dream...

Today with Tracy at  Mixed Media Monday there was a few new techniques for me to try..  Tissue paper and mod podge hmm would have never tried to use this without the excellent instructions on how to do it.  It was such an easy technique and gives so much lovely texture and so cheaply.  Must not throw any tissue paper away from now on.  Tracy had a beautiful stencil and then adapted it to suit what she wanted. Well I didn't have a stencil so just did a sketch and tried my best to paint it.. My painting skills are sadly lacking and sketching is new to me too but a little charcoal pencil, a black marker and a bit of help with my new stitching stamp for the stems was a great place for me to start.  The pink was supposed to look quite swirly and I don't think I quite got it but hey I am learning something new all the time and thoroughly enjoying the painting find it quite relaxing..  Love incorporating my stamps onto the paint another use for them and that's great.  The dream a little dream stamp, its the first time I had used that one its from Kaszass, such a great set of stamps lots of little sayings..  This painting is on craft wood its only 6 inches square has holes in the top so will probably put on some kind of hanger with some beads.. I have done one this size before and was thinking maybe might attach them all together I have 7 of them. They where supposed to be a calendar but have found them great for trying out new things not too big to be too daunting, but you still have it on something nice and solid.. 
So another technique tried out and loved it..

I have been looking at Art journal everyday there is so many wonderful pages to look at so will link this up there as well.. I have been trying to do something everyday as I figure the only way I am going to get better is with practice.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. I've seen the tissue paper technique done before and aimed at having a go at it but to date haven't attempted yet....This project looks awesome. I cannot draw/sketch to save my life but I guess there's always another way to do things. Well done you.

  2. Love your "Dream a Little Dream" Sandy must check out the tissue technique. Bye for now! Debs x

  3. Hi Sandy, came thru MIM. the colors of your card just beckoned me to visit your blog and happy I am to be here as I get to see a lot of beautiful art on your blog and now I am off to check the tissue technique.:)

  4. Fantastic card and Beautiful colors Sandy. I love the tissue paper effect..I spotted this on MIM..Loz

  5. this is just gorgeous, saw your project on MIM and love it! Hugs Frea

  6. This is such a beautiful creation! Love the fabulous colors and textured background. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Make It Monday. :)

  7. Sandy I love the texture and the colours set it all off really well. Such a beautiful project. Popped by from MIM.
    Stamping Shanni


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