Friday, August 29, 2014

My art supply case...

I was needing a new case for my travel supplies as I could not go away without doing some form of art and the case I have now is too small. I saw this on a clearance rack last week and thought oh that is just the perfect size.. So took some photos of the way I did this along the way.. 

This is what it looked like to start with and even thought I love owls these where a bit too kiddy for me.. So as I am in that I will cover everything with collage mood off I went.. 

First I covered both sides with Gesso.. 
Then I painted them both with Turquoise Kaisercraft Kaisercolour paint.
I cut out a heap of collage pieces from Collage sheets from the Teesha Moore's Artstronauts club. I am really enjoying my membership and getting so much handy information and inspiration..
All the purple, yellow and blue painted bits is my art work that I cut to fit in my scanner and then copied and printed 2 sheets to cut up into shapes. 

Side 2
I did not take any photos while I was doing the collage I get so sticky and messy that there is no way I am touching anything.. I will just say that the tutorial that I watched on Jenniebellie (watch it here) last week on collage was the way I did it and it stuck it down so well.. I used Helmars Decoupage and craft paste to glue it all down. 
Put glue on the case.
Then glue on the piece of paper you are sticking down.
Then glue over the top.
Then wipe with credit card to really press it on.. 

Side 1
I had to have dangly bits off the handle so popped some of my rolled paper beads off there.. They are threaded on some blue twine. Then just a bit of turquoise lace that I have had on my desk just had to go on there too..  Can you tell I like blue.


On the side I popped some washi tape that I had as I am getting quite a collection of and it was so nice to use some up on this.. 
So hope you like my case and that next time you see something on clearance that you take a second glance and think collage.. 
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Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge anything goes

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Paint Party Friday, Create Art...

I got some new black pens and wanted to try them out.  They are the Pilot permaball and the fude ball.. They both work awesome over acrylic paint no more killing my other good pens yay.. I have been wanting to try the cut out letters from magazines too so always fun to play in my journal.. The art stamp is one I carved out of an eraser.. 

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Paint Party Friday hi everyone.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tangents and Tactics...

I am starting a new weekly series of art journal prompts. This series of prompts are called Art journal Tangents & Tactics that Tammy has over at Daisy Yellow. This is the first one Starburst. There is a wonderfully fun tutorial on how to do these happy bright watercolours. So if you want to join in pop over and take a peek and join in on the fun.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have been loving sketching all sorts of things lately.. It started with the Index cards I really did not know I could draw.. I could draw flowers well just daisies really.. With the challenge of prompts it made me have a go and who knew I could have so much fun sketching all sorts of things.. 

This is my latest sketch. I am doing the Daily Paper Prompts over at Daisy Yellow this is for # 4 Flowers. I sketched her in my sketch book just sketching away and doodling but then well she so needed some colour. So I added some Grumbacher watercolour then she had to have a quote too. 

Going to link this up over at Balzer designs as they have all been sketching and adding watercolours too.. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Spread your wings...

Sandee challenged us over at Frosted designs to draw a fairy.. So I had another go and I used the same quote, I liked this quote so why not.. This is in my new journal and the other one is on a big index card so completely different spots.. I am going to give the index card one to my niece as she loves fairies..  

This is a painted acrylic background, I used 2 Crafters workshop stencils to add some details.. I drew the fairy and watercoloured her in with my Grumbacher watercolours.. Then I fussy cut her out and modpodged her onto the page and added some glitter.. I painted book paper for the middle of the flowers and doodles some stems and leaves with posca paint pen in black and the signo white pen... 
Hope she adds some fairy dust magic to your day..

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I decided to join in on the France Papillon celebrations of her doing 100 of her Journal on Monday series.. I adore watching France's videos they are my favourite thing to do is grab a coffee and sit down and be inspired.. So for the 100th celebration France asked us to do a step by step video or photo's of a journal page.. So thought ok I can take lots of photos and join in.. So then it was deciding what was it going to be about and looked in my new Prima printables and there it was the perfect one a lovely picture of a butterfly and France's last name Papillon in a banner at the top of the picture as after all, France had only just told us that her last name means Butterfly. Some things are just meant to be, so here are the steps to my pages. 
I painted with Gesso first, dried and then painted with a card in sage and turquoise acrylic paint.

Rubbed back the paint with the Dylusions letter stencil to show the Gesso with a baby wipe and put some streaks of black on with the side of the credit card. I left this all to dry and worked on the main picture.

I cut some hessian and some linen to size, I frayed the edges and then sprayed some broken china distress stain and some water on my craft mat and rubbed the linen in it. 

Then I distressed around the edges of my picture and blended the edges with vintage photo distress stain. Sprayed water on it rubbed off with paper towel and then did the edges again.. (like France taught us to do.) I got out my sewing machine and sewed around it in black. 

I cut out the 100 with my big shot and a Tim Holtz die Wanted Alphabet and the little heart I just drew and hand cut it, it is so tiny had to use tweezers to move it around. I painted it with red acrylic paint. I used the distress stain and some distress ink on the 100.. Then painted them all withTim Holtz distress crackle. 

I thought it needed something on the other page so decided to do a tag to pop my 100 and heart on and typed up the word inspirations. On the tag and the word, I gave it the same treatment as the picture but stamped on the tag with the Tim Holtz warehouse stamps and a Tim's stampers anonymous Harlequin pattern stamp.  I had the tag in this upright position but didn't like it, so I ended up turning it and popping the word on some scrap hessian too just to give it a bit of definition. 

The rusty washer I picked up off the ground the other day outside thinking, oh France would love this, so that had to go on here somewhere. I had it on the tag but I ended up just gluing it on separate in that square that was there at the top in black, it wanted to go there and you have to have somewhere for the eye to travel around too. Well that's what they say.. 
Blended with a blending tool with black ink around all the edges and then the vintage photo distress stain.

 Oops nearly forgot the white paint splatters.. 

Well I hope you liked my first ever photo tutorial and that you pop over and celebrate with France for her 100th.. France also has taken a heap of time and popped all her tutorials in picture form all in one spot on a separate Journal on Monday page so it is easy to look and find all her wonderful past videos and get inspired all over again. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New journal and WOYWW...

So look what is on my desk my much loved and used art journal and look what is beside it yes its all shiny and new and so flat next to the other one.. So glad I have not done the cover on the old one look at all the paint and stuff all over it but that will get rectified shortly. Have to figure out something special for it. There is about 6 more pages in the old one to do and its full but had to have the new one on standby.. These work so well for me, as this is my I don't care journal and its all just play.. If it works it works if it doesn't, well just turn the page.. Some of my favourite pages are in this though and as its my first ever mixed media journal so it will always have a special place on the shelf.. 
Some of my favourites...

Still my very favourite page, love the owls.. 

I always enjoy flicking through and seeing what I have done and the huge journey this has been.. Looking forward to starting the new one and wondering what will be in this one that will be favourite pages.. What is your favourite journal to use?? There is so many options, hand made copic stitched, ring bound, moleskine and Dylusions. I do have a small Dylusions one that I use for sprays.. 3 watercolour ones too as seem to use those a lot. 

Well another WOYWW is here and its time to pop around desks with my cuppa and to see what you are all up to. my opinion!

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The fairy in you...

Sandee challenged us over at Frosted designs to draw a fairy.. So I thought ok will give that a try.. So I popped my fairy wings on and had a go.. She was fun to draw and I love the Gelli plate background that I had. I used a Gelli plate print on book paper for her wings too.. I found that cute little butterfly thought he matched in well there.. 
Quote is Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly.. We could all use a little fairy magic I think.

So hope my little fairy made you smile today.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

The final cards of Index card a day..

Been a fun journey over the last 61 days at Daisy yellow to do a card a day from a prompt on the Index card. I have enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something for each one and trying new techniques.  Out of all of it I have really learned... Hey I can draw, who knew!! Certainly not me.. I knew I could draw a daisy but hey they are not hard. But I never would have thought I could draw a Zebra or a sewing machine. I have really enjoyed doing the little sketchy drawings. So I know that it is something that I am going to continue on with..  

#53 Mushroom
Quote is Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom by Thomas Carlyle. This was done with watercolours on a sketch done with pen.

# 54 Leaf
I doodled a leaf collaged that beautiful fine purple leaf and sewed a leaf for this.

#55 Jewel
This is the different cuts that jewelers make for the stones.

#56 Turquoise
Background is Dylusion Spray, collaged the house from some Gelli prints and painted the tree, sewed around edge.. Typed with my typewriter for the quote. 

#57 Carousel
I Went to draw a horse on a carousel pole but it turned into a unicorn with a
 pointy tail.. 

 #58 Zebra
Fun little sketch to draw.. 

 #59 Angel
I used some of my deli paper gelli print for the background for this one. I drew the angel and then watercoloured and cut her out and collaged her on. I was a bit stuck about what to do about wording on this as I like to put quotes on my ICAD's.. That's when I thought wait, I will just copy the dictionary.

 #60 Blind Selfie
Everyone was doing these blind selfies so I tried too and came up with this beauty.. lol  I have lopsided eyes and a double chin...

#61 Thread
Well this was the last one for the year.. I drew the sewing machine then watercoloured it in. Stamped with a sewing pattern prima stamp for the background. I found this quote and so wanted to use it but had to type it 3 times in different ways to get it to fit. but I am glad I persevered with it.  

I am going to post this over at Paint Party Friday.. Hi everyone.. 
Have a great day
Sandy :)