Monday, March 4, 2013

First page in my new Art Journal

 Hi all just been playing in my new art journal the one that was supposed to be a gardening journal that I bought last week at the op shop.. I saw this You tube video  yesterday and was inspired to make this page.  I love the sentiment and it just had to go in here..  I had done a spotty background and was looking for some rainy inspiration.. I wanted to put a umbrella on a page, think its the lack of rain we have been having here, so have rain on my brain.. Anyway, So I paper pieced the umbrella and the ladies dress.  I wanted a lady looking like she was in a windy storm, that's why she is a bit sideways..  I was a bit scared of doing a face as I have never done a face or ever needed to be able to do one, but thought I would have a go.  I have put some water color crayons on my list of things I want to buy as it would have been nice to put a bit of color on her face..  I drew some swirls as well as wanted more of a windy effect but think they came out different than what I had in my mind but hey that's the way it goes and it was a lot of fun to do..  

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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  1. OMG this is brilliant I love it....

    You Rock......

    Hugs Eliza


Thank-you for the lovely comment..