Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New journal and WOYWW...

So look what is on my desk my much loved and used art journal and look what is beside it yes its all shiny and new and so flat next to the other one.. So glad I have not done the cover on the old one look at all the paint and stuff all over it but that will get rectified shortly. Have to figure out something special for it. There is about 6 more pages in the old one to do and its full but had to have the new one on standby.. These work so well for me, as this is my I don't care journal and its all just play.. If it works it works if it doesn't, well just turn the page.. Some of my favourite pages are in this though and as its my first ever mixed media journal so it will always have a special place on the shelf.. 
Some of my favourites...

Still my very favourite page, love the owls.. 

I always enjoy flicking through and seeing what I have done and the huge journey this has been.. Looking forward to starting the new one and wondering what will be in this one that will be favourite pages.. What is your favourite journal to use?? There is so many options, hand made copic stitched, ring bound, moleskine and Dylusions. I do have a small Dylusions one that I use for sprays.. 3 watercolour ones too as seem to use those a lot. 

Well another WOYWW is here and its time to pop around desks with my cuppa and to see what you are all up to. my opinion!

Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. beautiful journal, I love that size - just bought a new one myself. have a great day. Helen 2

  2. ah great things to share,Sandy .. and always great to look back on also :D Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

  3. Oh, there is something special about a new book to get started on...pristine, white pages...the unbroken spine, the possibilities of what can be created. And then before you know it, it'll be full of your artwork...yay :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  4. It's such a rewarding experience to finish working on an art journal, but so very exciting to see the possibilities in a new one. All 3 pages you shared are great, but my favorite one is the C. S. Lewis page with the ephemera. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  5. Lovely to see inside your journal.
    ~Kate~ #39

  6. Sandy, that journal looks wonderful, if the pages you have shared with us are anything to go by, that is a book full of beauty.
    Thank you for sharing
    Chris #6

  7. How wonderful your journal is looking!!
    I've been really slacking these days as, my muse has taken a vacation. I think it's time for her to come home because I'm ready to play!

  8. Would love to be able to sit with you and thumb through your book, maybe with a cup of tea? And then go visit the chooks and take pictures of all the beautiful birds that visit your yard! That would be an awesome experience! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  9. I love the bulky journal - it's so satisfying to have such a beauty filled isn't it? I always bind my own journals and use all kinds of shapes and bookbinding-stitches... I have several laying around that I work in (themed and none-themed) and I could not do without them. LOVE your blue page (the first photo) Have fun filling the last pages! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #56

  10. Isn't it fun to look through a book full of arty goodness? I can see why those are some of your favorite pages, thank you for sharing them.

    A Happy woyww to you!
    returning to the WOYWW fold
    #62 this week

  11. Hi Sandy,

    Wow you have nearly finished that journey but a journey with wonderful art contained within, I love the owls page too. I can't say I have a fav journal as I have a few on the go but I am not doing much with them, yes I am guilty as charged.

    Have a wonderful week crafting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 66

  12. Love your pages I am quite new to art journaling ( January). But it is great to just play for the sake of it .... Just because is a great reason
    Janet @4

  13. Hope you enjoy your new journal as much as the old one. Have a great week, Chris # 5 xx

  14. Wow, I can see why those are your favorites, Sandy! It must give you such an immense sense of satisfaction to leaf through that artist's journal. I know sometimes I look back on a card and think, "I made that?!" lol! So for something like this enormous and expressive mixed media outlet, you must blow your own socks off!! And you must be tingling with excitement to start a fresh new journey!!

    Thank you for coming by to see me! It was so nice to connect today! Happy WOYWW and have a terrific week! Hugs, Darnell #18

  15. Loved seeing some of your pages Sandy. I don't have a journal, but I do love to see old projects I have done and amazed of all the things I have learned since that time. It's always amazing to me seeing something old. I remember making it, and how proud I was of it...but looking back on it, I think SHEESH, I have learned so much since then. Love the Journey. Have a wonderful week Sandy,

    Hugs, Robin (State of Serenity) #74

  16. I love journals like this though I don't work in mine as often as I should. They are a great place for trying things out and looking back at what you've done.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #38


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