Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I have been experimenting again this time I drew and painted my first person on one of my Gelli print backgrounds. I used my new paper holders that I showed last week, but not the way I thought I was going to use them.  I have been getting all those 12 x 12 stencils on sale at the craft store and they where getting quite tangled.  I was getting a bit frustrated with putting them back in there packets. So my solution was to use the paper rack for stencils and the finished prints.. The other one I am going to keep for when I am using the Gelli plate so I have somewhere to dry the finished prints.   I do have my trolley for my paper and that works quite well for me.. I really don't have a lot of patterned paper and well now I can paint my own backgrounds any colour..  My daughter has been interested in doing one of those smash books so we both brought the nostalgia one and she brought a pink one as well. Such lovely backgrounds in it something we can do together.  I will use it when I go away in a few weeks to pop some things in. 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Playing with drawing faces...

So I had a go at drawing faces on one of my Gelli print backgrounds.. It was fun and I changed it around so much.. Love Gesso.  I gave her a nose job a few times, could not change it again my paper was starting to give away in the end. Hey its always great to try something new.. Thought the quote was just right for this.. 
We cannot become what we need to become by remaining what we are.. Max De Pree. 

At the bottom here was her nose before and her face was too round and I gave her a fringe.. Tweaked it a lot, she looks more grown up in the top one when I look at it. Its something else that I will just practice with, as I enjoyed the challenge of it..

Just for fun I am going to pop this on at

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aussie tag swap updates...

Judith has received her tag so time for the reveal for the month of August, tag theme for the Aussie tag swap was 'The great outdoors' 
In August in Australia, we enjoy the Horses Birthday, Bank Holiday Picnics and we 'Keep Australia Beautiful' for a whole week. It's your choice; make your tag with anything to do with the outdoors!

Had to put that brain into gear for this one I was stumped for a while until I popped into the papercraft magazine to see what was free for download this month link here I saw this great banner said 'Happy campers'. That was it problem solved, its funny how you see one thing and the idea just flows form there.. Printed the banner out on cardstock and fussy cut it, fit perfectly across my tag. I had the little caravan stampin up stamp. It's so cute, stamped that onto some pattern paper painted a little red stripe.. Background papers where from Kaisercraft, cut out a little wave to make it look like a hill. That little picket fence die cut, it cuts so well .. Beads are recycled from a necklace threaded them onto some string.  Have to think about next months now only 4 more tags to go till the finish its gone so quick. 

This month I received a lovely tag from Elaine crafteeowls Elaine went with the Horses Birthday and gave me this lovely tag.. It opens and says Happy Birthday to horses August 1st so clever.

Elaine's tag

I also have not updated the wonderful tag I received for July's theme of 'Beauty of a tree' from Tanya, look it has an owl in the tree and love the little trinket.. The tree is just so textured just beautiful. 

Tanya's tag

So what happy mail I have received, its such a wonderful treat to get these lovely tags in the mail with so much thought and work put into them.. 
Have a great day
Sandy :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WOYWW #220

Well the craft store is getting closer to closing now they are selling off there paper storage racks.  I snapped up 2 for my paper just have to stack and organise all my paper,  it will be so much easier to see what I have with these.  50% off everything now so I grabbed some more stencils will never see them for this price anywhere else such bargains.  So short post this week and I am off to organise paper..  Will leave you with a card I made as I did a bit of sewing and made a patchwork card was fun will be doing this again. 

Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.

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Sandy :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Challenges 4 Everybody #27 DT

This week our sponsor for Challenges 4 Everybody is Lacy Sunshine Stamps.  First place gets a $20 gift voucher to spend at Lacy sunshine stamps and second place gets to choose 2 digis. What wonderful prizes as its chosen by random generator everyone has a equal chance of winning. As always its anything goes, so come on and join in on the fun.

This week I have this delightful pre coloured image of Eleanor and Lily strawberries.  It is so cute with the darling little green frog.  It was such a lovely image I so wanted to do something a bit different. I have been seeing a fair few patchwork cards around and thought I would try this technique out, it was a bit tricky getting the measurements just so but was great fun to do.  I even used a flower on my card, I know you don't see them very often from me, nearly took it off a half dozen times but thought nope its staying. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My new Gelli Plate...

Its here yes I finally brought a Gelli plate I have been wanting one of these for months and finally found one at a terrific Aussie online site Inkurable Artistry   
I have had so much fun this afternoon.. Here are just a few of the wonderful prints I got off random things I have been saving up to use on the Gelli plate and an awesome stencil from the Crafters workshop, design by Ronda Palazzari called honeycomb.


Some of these are on paper and some in my Art Journal these will give me some great backgrounds to work on looking forward to using these very soon. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mixed Media Monday Challenge

So Tracy from MMM challenged us for August to do a page in an hour and a half.  Well I did the flowers in 40 mins but the colouring the background well as this water colouring is new to me it took ages to do the blue and I gave up with the timer. I think I did too much detail. Then the outlines well that took time again here and there I would grab a few minutes as we do.  Well then I had to think what quote to do on this well the whole thing and theme was to 'Let it go' so popped that on there and then thought well 'Let it flow' kind of looked right on the other page.  I then just had to do a little reminder to myself with the Play, Draw, Create. I am loving the doodling and did a bit with my signo white pen. I am pretty sure I went well over the 1.5 hour time limit but I love the pages and well I did do two.. I think I will try this again but next time only do one page to see if I can complete the whole thing in the allocated time.

This is my desk last week from my What's on your workdesk Wednesday post the only shot I have of the after 40 minutes.  Oh and my fabulous bright new watercolours.
So will link this up with Tracy at Mixed Media Monday its a great challenge as Tracy does this nearly every week in an hour.
Have a great day
Sandy :)

WOYWW #219

I finished the pages I was working on last week I love the bright happy look of these pages and the wording I have put on here makes me happy.. I will post up a blog page about this with some more pictures next on my list of things to do today.  Other than the usual is just some note paper with swirls those darn paint pens you have to keep pushing the tip to get them to flow properly still love it though.  The lovely postcard on my desk is from Eliza of  Queenartoypia isn't it lovely.   I have had a few happy mails in the last week feel very lucky to have so many wonderful bloggy friends.  
Eliza's from Queenartopia's postcard 

Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Be You...

I saw this and thought hey I have to share.. 
Before I started doing this blog and started with my cards. I was reading everywhere about how it takes 10,000 hours to be great at anything. That kind of struck with me that hey the only way to get better at anything is to do it, then do it some more.  Who would have known that this path where I started just making a few cards would have taken me down the road to where I am now with my Art journaling. It makes me happy to get messy with paint watercolours and stencils.  I am looking forward to where I am going and am enjoying the exploration. Who knows where it will end up.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WOYWW #218

Well more playing with watercolours I invested in a really good brush just one of them but it does make a difference. I also brought some different watercolour paints I could not find the ones that I see other people using on youtube here in Australia. I found this one that is an Australian brand one and it is much brighter and juicier than the cheap children's one I was using. The Childrens ones where great to find out if this was something I wanted to do before out laying money on more supplies. It goes on thicker on the brush and the colour does not fade away when it dries.   I really like the water colouring  it is so relaxing to just use all the bright colours and paint away. Still have to do a lot to these pages but kind of have most of the main part done.. Its a great way to learn the brush strokes and how much paint to put on the brush, that will come with practice.. Tracy from Mixed Media Monday has been showing all her watercolouring and so wanted to give it a go as well, has me hooked now. 

So many responses from my cat playing with the ipad last week. I will try and get her when she is in the mood and get a video.. She is so funny rolls all over it and tries to peek under it to see where the mouse is.. Here is the link for the App if you want to try it for you cat  paint-for-cats
Here is Mittens all wrapped up in her blanket its been cold the last few days.  

Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Challenges 4 Everybody #26

Well its time for a new challenge over at Challenges 4 Everybody We have as our sponsor this week  Bugaboo stamps  If you link up with your entry and you are randomly picked, you get to pick 7 free digis of your choice. So come on and join in the fun as always, its Anything goes.

This week I chose Right Beside You silhouette how cute is this image. This was such a quick card.  I wanted to keep it simple so as to keep the focus on those cute little ones on the swing. First time I have used that scalloped square and think it was just right for this.

Have great day.
Sandy :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Aussie Tag swap 'July'

If you would know strength and patience,
 welcome the company of trees.
Hal Borland
Well I was late with my Aussie tag swap for last month and my partner for July was Diane of Cardenofelan. Diane has told me that she has received the tag so I can show what I have made for her. The theme was 'Beauty of a Tree'.  I used Kaisercraft papers and the tiny trees stamp from Stampin'up.. I have been practising with my watercolours so did a bit of shadowing at the bottom of my trees.  I have been seeing a lot of people using typewritten writing on there journal work and dusted off my typewriter that I have nearly thrown away a dozen times.. It was such fun to use it again and it still works like a dream so can see me using that a bit now. I used my sewing machine around some edges, really like to use that on all sorts of things now.. Its funny how all the little things I have been learning are popping up on all sorts of things I am creating now.. 

I am going to enter this at
Our creative corner  Words words words
Simon says stamp blog Anything goes

Have a great day
Sandy :)