Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mixed Media Monday Challenge

So Tracy from MMM challenged us for August to do a page in an hour and a half.  Well I did the flowers in 40 mins but the colouring the background well as this water colouring is new to me it took ages to do the blue and I gave up with the timer. I think I did too much detail. Then the outlines well that took time again here and there I would grab a few minutes as we do.  Well then I had to think what quote to do on this well the whole thing and theme was to 'Let it go' so popped that on there and then thought well 'Let it flow' kind of looked right on the other page.  I then just had to do a little reminder to myself with the Play, Draw, Create. I am loving the doodling and did a bit with my signo white pen. I am pretty sure I went well over the 1.5 hour time limit but I love the pages and well I did do two.. I think I will try this again but next time only do one page to see if I can complete the whole thing in the allocated time.

This is my desk last week from my What's on your workdesk Wednesday post the only shot I have of the after 40 minutes.  Oh and my fabulous bright new watercolours.
So will link this up with Tracy at Mixed Media Monday its a great challenge as Tracy does this nearly every week in an hour.
Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. I think the fun thing about the time limit is just to see the amount of time that you put into creating and to try to limit some of the over thinking that we can stress ourselves into when we have a lot of time. Does that make sense? lol Your piece is gorgeous and I too love those vibrant colors! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. Love your page (can see it better on this post than WOYWW) now then, this challenge sounds quite interesting - might well be something me and my friend Dawn would like, off to take a peek.

    Usually takes me a lot longer to do a page too as I do them in stages, but can see the idea.


Thank-you for the lovely comment..