Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Random art...

I just thought I would have a bit of a play with some stuff I have had sitting around unfinished. Thought I would add a few more layers and see where it went after that. I used collage, stamps and some DecoArt Americana Acrylics. These are on big Index cards so bit of a warm up for Index Card A Day that starts on June 1st. Have not heard of Index Card a day? Get all the details about it at the Daisy Yellow blog. Tammy runs it and we get a prompt every day. All you use is index cards and any Art supplies you have. You can do anything you like on the index cards, you don't even have to follow the prompts. The point is to do ART every day from June 1st to July 31. Awesome fun to do.. I did every day last year and it was a eyeopener for me. It was the first time I realised that you know what.. I can draw!! Yep I was always one of the people who thought I couldn't. Since then I sketch something just about every day.. Crazy characters are my favourites to do. Oh and Zendangles of course. 
So come along and join in the fun because that is all it is just pure fun. 
Hope to see you there. 

So day 18 of the #90daysofblogging accomplished. If you would like to pop over and see what the others joining in on this challenge are up to today.. 
Here are the links...
Tamiko McCurry
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Sandee Setliff
Sharon Estes
Yvonne Armatage Gebauer 

Have a great day
Sandy :) 


  1. random is the best kind. :) love the colors!

  2. I alwasy start those prompt type groups with all intentions of finishing, but I never do LOL. I have so many things sitting around not finished, I just need to sit and do them. Love your index card and yes, you can draw.

  3. I love it! It's fun to go back and add to something, your art is wonderful!


Thank-you for the lovely comment..