Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life is like a cup of tea..

I collaged the tea cups on to this piece of ply wood that I had my husband cut to size for me.. Handy him having all the tools for this.. He even drilled the holes for my wire to hang.. On the wire I popped some of my hand rolled paper beads just to add a bit of interest to the wire. I found some pretty coordinating papers for the tea cups and popped them in my printer to print on them, then I fussy cut them out and collaged them on top of each other..
I am trying out all different ways of writing and this was a fun one to do with its swirly curls. I used a black paint pen and a black uni pin pen to do the wording. I also used some rubons for the droplets out of the top of the tea cups.  On the background paper I stenciled some swirls over the paper with some Tim Holtz distress tea stain ink.. I then used the distress stain to pop on the edges of the tea cups and around the outside edges.

I made this to hang in my kitchen and think that quote is just right.. Life is like a cup of tea its all in how you make it..
I am going to enter this over at the Blitsy mixed media challenge.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Days of Index card a day

Only 7 more days to go for the Index card a day challenge. I have been enjoying the challenge of using a prompt every day and know that I now have a great lot of cards to use in my collage work, when I copy them on my printer.. A few of the cards below were bits of copies of previous cards.

 #46 Formula or recipe
I thought I would write the formula for making this index card on the index card.. 

 #47 Purple
I just love the minions in Despicable me and the purple ones are my favourite so I had to have a go at drawing them.. Always think of my friend Tamiko when I do anything purple and she loved him so much that this is her profile picture on facebook now.. 

 #48 No Prompt
I just felt like doing a bit of collage today and I had this background all done and the flower just felt like it belonged on here...

 #49 Knot or Pretzel
More practice of doing a bit of Zentangle or doodling.. I recently went to a Celtic festival and these knots where on a lot of things that you could buy there.. So thought I would have a go. They are tricky to draw..

#50 No Prompt
More collage...
 #51 Octopus or Monster
When I was little I loved this song if you don't know it here is a link... I used an eye and a horn from a collage sheet from Teesha Moore and the tentacles were from a previous Index card that I copied on my printer.. 

#52 Rainbow
I saw Tracy from Mixed Media Monday had done a lovely painting this week and thought when I saw it all the colours where perfect for the prompt of rainbow for this card. 

I am going to link this over at Paint Party Friday.. Hi Everyone.. 
Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW #268

Hi everyone. I have been away for a while from WOYWW and have missed you guys.. So thought I would pop in and say hi and show you that I have been busy making art.. I have been doing the Index card a day challenge and have been thoroughly enjoying making art for a prompt every day.. I have also joined in doing a lot of collage after joining Teesha Moore's Artstronauts group and have been loving that too.. My index cards are spread over my desk as I have been sorting to print on my copier to use in my collage. My art has changed a lot since I started and I think I am finding what I like to do.. Some of my favourite index cards I have popped here big for you to see.. They are all on my blog if you want to see them all.. There is 52 so far and only 10 more days to go ..

So this is short and sweet as I am off to load and photograph today's ICAD card. Looking forward to popping around to see what you have all been up to.. 
Have a great day
Sandy :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A week of Index Card a Day #39 to #45

#39 Diagram
I love dragonflies so thought I would have a go at doing a diagram of one.. 

 #40 Kaleidoscope
Trying out some new gel pens for this one.

 #41 The Moon
Some dangles of sparkly stars off the moon..

 #42 Text
One of the ladies in the Index card a day challenge had a beautiful baby Melody so I did an index card for her. 

 #43 Violin of Cello
I found the perfect quote for this card prompt and had fun drawing a violin. 

#44 Kokeshi doll 
I used watercolour to colour in this one for today.

#45 Dala Horse
I had a few tries at this little horse. who would have thought such a simple drawing could be so difficult the first one looked like a dog.. 

So there you are a week of fun.. Its quite funny really as I have never drawn as much as I have on these index cards and I am really enjoying it..  Come on over to daisyyellow ICAD and find out all the information and join in on the fun... 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Index Card a Day #32 to #38

#32 Tea or Coffee 
Collage of all my favourite drinks that keep me going in the day.. I brought new coffee mugs so I scanned the image and collaged it on.. 

#33 Tomorrowland
I did the wonky land for the tomorrowland prompt thought it was fun to do it so small. Used sharpie's for the buildings and neocolour II for the larger areas.. The index cards just don't like water much.. 

#34 Independence day or Flag
I created the flag of my world all the things that appear in my art on my flag.. Black and white across the bottom and top.. Spots and dangles.  Dictionary paper with acrylic paint, writing and a butterfly.. Of course in my world the sky would be pink.. 

#35 Postage stamp
Thought I would make my own postage stamps with faces on them.. 

#36 Tag or Label
For some reason I just had to write that on there, so now your it.. Peerless watercolour background with France Papillon cube stamp.. 
#37 Lollypops
Sharpie pens with Dylusion sprayed paper centres. 

#38 Green
I watched a tutorial from Roben Marie Smith on mail art and she had made some wonderful mail art with some of her journal pages.. So thought ok well I can do that on an index card and try it out.. Have been looking forward to doing more sewing on my cards.. 

Come on over to daisyyellow ICAD and find out all the information and join in on the fun... 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where I intended...

I have been doing a lot of collage style journaling and learning lots over at the The Artstronauts club. I only have 2 more pages left in this small journal I made out of scrapbook paper..  Cutting and sticking and putting together different papers and mixing them into characters is fun and I am really enjoying it.. 

Going to link this up over at Balzer designs. Pop on over and see all the wonderful journaling that is getting linked up.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Index Card A day 28, 29, 30 & 31

#28 Robot 
Had to do little R2-D2 fromStar wars he is my favourite little robot. It was fun to draw him and put one of his quotes on the page.  :)

#29 California
I did the famous California redwoods.. I painted them in peerless watercolours and popped a quote on it.. If I ever go to California I would love to see them.. 

#30 Red
I have hardly done any dangles on the Index cards so had to do some and this was the perfect opportunity for them.. I was just going to do them across the top but as usual when I start on them I cant stop. 

#31 Flower Bouquet
I just used some flowers that I had on my desk to do this one. Some of the deli paper gelli print flowers and some daisies that I drew and cut out.. Trusty old Typewriter came out for the wording... 

Come on over to daisyyellow ICAD and find out all the information and join in on the fun... There is still another month to go yet so still plenty of time to play along...

Have a great day
Sandy :)