Thursday, July 17, 2014

A week of Index Card a Day #39 to #45

#39 Diagram
I love dragonflies so thought I would have a go at doing a diagram of one.. 

 #40 Kaleidoscope
Trying out some new gel pens for this one.

 #41 The Moon
Some dangles of sparkly stars off the moon..

 #42 Text
One of the ladies in the Index card a day challenge had a beautiful baby Melody so I did an index card for her. 

 #43 Violin of Cello
I found the perfect quote for this card prompt and had fun drawing a violin. 

#44 Kokeshi doll 
I used watercolour to colour in this one for today.

#45 Dala Horse
I had a few tries at this little horse. who would have thought such a simple drawing could be so difficult the first one looked like a dog.. 

So there you are a week of fun.. Its quite funny really as I have never drawn as much as I have on these index cards and I am really enjoying it..  Come on over to daisyyellow ICAD and find out all the information and join in on the fun... 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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