Monday, June 30, 2014

Earth laughs in flowers...

I have joined up at The Artstronauts club and have been having a wonderful time looking at all the videos and printing out collage sheets to play with.  I made a book that Teesha had in one of her videos made out of scrapbook paper.. It is the perfect size for me to get the hang of it all.. Here are a few of the pages that I have done so far in it.. 

First time I tried to stay with a theme across all three pages.
Click to make it bigger..

I call them butterfly ladies...

Tried some feather hair.

So just a couple of the pages I have done so far, I have done 11 .. I have about 10 more pages left in the book to do it is fun with all the little flap out pages.. Will have to do a small youtube of it with my phone when it is all finished.
So having fun and find it relaxing just pop my music on and collage away.. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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