Sunday, June 17, 2018

vintage letter journal part 2

 Part 2 of my vintage letter journal. The inside.. 

I scanned some of my Nana's recipe book pages on the computer and printed them out on some of the coffee stained paper for my background.

To add my sewn elements, I pop a small dot of Helmar Tacky Craft Glue
 into the back in the middle of my image to hold it in place.

Then I can sew around the edge and know the I will still have my border glue free. This way I don't have to wait for the glue to dry before sewing.

Then on some of my images I added a line of Helmar Fabric Glue and pressed down some lace. I could have sewn the lace on but I liked the option of using the fabric glue, as then I did not have to be as precise with my sewing. I could sew all my images on to the backing then choose after, what ones 
I wanted to add the lace too.

I put a small dot of Helmar Fabric glue in the corner of my printed recipe page and added a pearl brad with some lace.

I then place all my elements on the page to see where I want them to go and take a photo. So then when I move them off the page I have a reference of where I had them all. 

Using the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue
 add glue to the back of my images making sure to get the glue right to the edges. I move the glue with my Helmar paint and glue spreader. 


I then press the image flat with the Helmar paint and glue spreader. This makes it nice and flat and adheres it really well.

So this is posted and on its way around Australia. I am really looking forward to seeing what art the other 3 ladies are going to add to my vintage letter journal. 

*So a bit about letter journals. A letter journal has 4 people. You make a small 8x8 cover and have 4 A4 pages folded in half inside that are sewn in. You add an introduction at the start and add the addresses of all the people in the group in the inside back cover. You do a double page spread in your journal and then send it on to the next person in the group. When you receive a letter journal you do 2 double page spreads in the journal and then send it on to the person after you in the group.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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