Monday, November 27, 2017

Journal cover featuring sewing.

Today I wanted to show how you can incorporate some sewing into your art. There is more details over on the Helmar Creative Team page.  I have been loving using my sewing machine to add some texture and details into my art. I have been using it on my collage pieces and then using my Helmar Tacky craft glue to glue it down.

First I sanded back the edges of my wooden cover. I then traced the cover of my wooden journal onto the back of the scrapbook paper. Then cut that out with my scissors.

Using my Helmar Decoupage Craft Paste I covered the wooden journal cover with glue with my paint and glue spreader.

 Then popped the paper that I had cut out over the top and using the paint and glue spreader smoothed out any bumps so you get a fabulous seal. Once this is dry I covered the back just tearing book and dictionary papers and using the Helmar Decoupage Craft Paste and the glue spreader I just covered it all till no wood is showing.

To get great edges I use a piece of fine sandpaper and smooth all the edges. You could also use a cardboard nail file. That also works really well. I used some Distress ink and a blending tool on the edges of the wooden cover and on the edges of the papers. So they would blend together a bit better.

To do the collage I wanted to use that butterfly as my focal point so I gathered papers that matched my background and layered till I was happy with the look of it. Making sure that the book paper underneath the butterfly had enough room to sew around it. Then using the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue I put the layers together. Once it is dry, I sewed it all together with my sewing machine.

I thought it still needed something underneath the sewn part so I grabbed some washi tape and some plasterers tape and put that directly on my cover.  I grabbed some of the Decoart Crackle Paste and a Palette knife and added it to 3 of the corners. I just love crackle texture.

To add the sewn part I used the Helmar Tacky Craft Glue and the paint and glue spreader and put it on the back. Making sure to Spread it around to all the edges. This holds all those layers on to the cover really well.

Here are some of the inside pages. Using a clip I just stuck some of the strips of paper I had left over so I could use them in my journal.

You could easily use some stiff cardboard and use this same technique. I hope this tutorial helps you to make yourself a journal.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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