Saturday, April 8, 2017

Crocheted daisies and a bag..

 This is a project I did for the Helmar Creative Team if you would like to see more details pop over to the Helmar Creative Team Blog
Well I have done crochet a lot over the years and thought I would crochet some flowers and decorate a bag for my pens. 

So the first thing I did using the Youtube tutorial from Happy Berry Crochet was crocheted three flowers. I just stopped the video and crocheted along with her. Don't you love Youtube.

I needed a bag to pop my pens in that will go in my handbag. So thought I would make one. You could skip this step and decorate any bag you have but I have a bag full of zippers a friend gave me, so it was nice to use one.  I made a triangular bag at a class a while ago when I went to a craft expo. It was much simpler to do a rectangular one. For the sizing, I just grabbed my pens and made it longer than that so they fit and thought it turned out ok. I was quite happy with my little bag.

So after my bag was sewn together. I grabbed my Helmar Fabric Glue and some buttons and glued the buttons in the center of my flowers. 

Then I popped some Helmar Fabric Glue on the back of my flowers and glued them to the top right hand side of my bag, pressing firmly. 

Of course you don't have to make the bag you could easily decorate anything with the same method. On a t-shirt would be cute or a headband. I hope I have given you some ideas to decorate something easily with Helmar Fabric Glue. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

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