Monday, September 29, 2014


I have been missing for a few weeks and thought I would catch up with a bit of blogging.. Art is still going on and isn't that a big thing that I can actually call what I do art now and not shy away from the term.. 
I am thoroughly enjoying my membership with The Artstronauts club and made my own Midori sized watercolour journal.. I am enjoying this size and will make myself a leather cover soon once I feel a need for one.. I watched a fabulous tutorial from My life all in one place with Ray Blake. Fabulous easy to use tutorial. 

I have done a few pages in this and am exploring with my drawing and collage techniques.. Teesha has many videos and collage sheets to download and they are such fun to use.. I have been printing out and cutting up some of my index card art for borders and the dress on my lady above is a index card print.. The swirly part is a deli paper Gelli print that I had used a comb on to get the swirly pattern. Lots of pen work and doodling and the yellow is Dylusions which always works well with my pens and does not kill them.. So just a bit of a catch up and saying a big hi to anyone that is reading this..

Have a great day
Sandy :)


  1. Always love your collages, you do them so well!

  2. Love, Love, Love!!! Love the colors, Love the doodles, Love the collaging. I just love everything about it. Now.....lets talk about that faux Medori........

  3. lol@ Donna!! I love these pages and i love that you are drawing more.. and you are so comfortable doing these with the collage foundations.. they each inspire me.. :)


Thank-you for the lovely comment..