Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WOYWW #251

Well just a quick post just getting set up for some serious Gelli plate flower making.. Cut papers to size, check.. Gelli plate, check.. Paint selection, some new colours for me to try out, check... Brayer, check... Bon Jovi on the Ipod , check. Ok off I go..  Oh there is my little Jennibellie journal for you there, it was just peeking at you last week and its all posted now if you want to see more pictures. There is 5 pages to it and you can find the link here Jennibellie inspiration Journal. It was a lot of fun to make, my paper beads are all dry and on now, at the side.. 

Julia from  WOYWW gets us all together every Wednesday to have a look at desks from all over the world.. Grab a cuppa, I have mine here, and take a browse.. Thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the blog hopping around all the desks.
Have a great day.
Sandy :) 
Ok just a quick update the aftermath 


  1. I REALLY need to get my gelli plate out again, I haven't touched it for 6 months. Great album - will you just cut the flowers from your prints? Have a great WOYWW, Cindy #59

  2. A Bon Jovi fan, huh? Can't beat a good bit of rock while you're gelli-ing like crazy! All together now...
    Ooh, we're half way there,
    Oh oh, living on a prayer..... Grin :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

  3. Hi gelli plate pickie... need a drying rack to hang things on like an old clothes horse... not sure if you hv tgem over there.. just thought it would be good to peg them on as the creations are the journal Shaz in Oz. X #15

  4. LOVE your journal!! I have such a large stash of designer paper that I can not even wrap my head around a Geli Plate.....LOL

    Thanks for visiting this week
    Krisha #12

  5. Love the before and after!
    Thanks for visiting, your kind words and the snoop around your place.
    Robyn 6

  6. Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting me and your nice comment, but go back and enlarge the photo..they are cherries LOL. I too love to work to Bon Jovi :) Love your journal. Cx #21

  7. great journal love the bead and the owl is fab great colour and texture have to go check out your other pages thanks for visiting crafty hugs Andrea #20

  8. Hi Sandy - I love your journal, and will be popping over to look at the Jennibellie class, as I've been thinking of starting a journal for some time now - thanks for the link. Thanks, also, for visiting my blog for WOYWW today, and your kind words. xx

  9. Great fun with your Gelli plate - glad you liked the penguins on my blog - thanks for calling by ! Ali #30

  10. YOur journal is beautiful, so love those paper beads!
    Have a great week, Debxx #9

  11. Great gelli plate play, how are you making the flowers... Do show. I think I can see Bon Jovi's influence there too
    Have a good week
    Janet @29

  12. Yay! Some Gelli fun! I haven't used mine for a while, but it winks at me every time I go in the art room . . .

    Thank you for stopping by this WOYWW, Sandy!
    #16 this week with a
    jewelry organizer

  13. Those Gelli plates look like fun they make such fun designs :) hugs Nikki 5

  14. I went and had a peek at your journal post and it's gorgeous, love it. Your gelli play must have been really fun as the aftermath is a super colour riot.
    Have a great week,
    Von #23

  15. I love your journal!! I started Gelli printing last night, and continued today! Great minds and all of that..... Awesome!

  16. I've seen so many cool crafts made using a gelli plate, but have never tried it myself. I hope you have great results. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #14

  17. Funny, I was just checking out gelli plates and what the heck they are today. LOL Give me some BonJovi and I will really get rockin' *smiles
    Happy WOYWW... Love your desk full of craftyness. See you next week.
    Kimmer #91... last , but not least AGAIN.. LOL

  18. Wow, your project looks wonderful! I asked my sister what gelli plate printing is and she said the materials are not available here. Awww, too bad, looks really fun to do. Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@3

    1. Peggy, it might be worth your while to contact Clarity Stamps who are the only distributors in the UK. I know they do ship to other countries, and they will be able to talk to you about the possibilities and the costs. xx Maggie #8

  19. We'll I like the look and sound of the preparation...I wonder how many plate prints you pulled in the you had a great session!

  20. The Gelli plate is so addictive, and it looks as though you are a true addict. It is fun just to play and then you have loads of lovely images to use later when you want a background, not to mention the real works of art that you can create. I got my last year at one of Barbara Gray's workshops and now I am addicted to the stencils as well. Have a lovely week, pulling prints. xx Maggie #8

  21. Gosh you are really getting into the gelli plate, fun isn't it! Don't use your good Americana paints on the gelli,muse cheep stuff. Loved some of the gelli pulls, great art. Thanks for visiting, sorry I am visiting so late been a busy week working, actually still there sneaking a few posts to catch up.

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 19

  22. You really had fun with that Gelli plate and we still can't seem to get them here in South Africa. Sigh, it looks like so much fun.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #67


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