Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aussie Tag swap December..

So this is my final tag for last year for the Aussie tag swap December 2013.. The theme for December was 'A summer Christmas' I really struggled with finding something for this what I had in mind didn't work to start with, so I started all over again and came up with Santa getting towed with the Ute as there is no snow in summer.. For fun I just popped the kangaroo with the Santa hat up there he is kind of guiding the way. What a fun tag swap it has been I have really enjoyed the themes. They challenged me to think outside the box and I really enjoyed making the tags.. The tags I have received have been awesome and I have a lovely collection that I will figure out a way to display. 
This year it is a notecard swap so that will be interesting.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

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