Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4 November Art every day month

Finished the doodling on yesterdays watercolour flowers.. I did a border well three quarters of a border.  I didn't put the border across the bottom, did it like this and left it, still not sure.. I do like my flowers better with the little details added. I have added the vine across the top too had not done that yesterday but I do like a spot to add a quote. The quote for today is 'Joy is the flower that blooms when you do'.. source unknown.. Not sure what I am doing tomorrow think I might do a journal page with acrylic paint and use some of my new stencils, maybe just some backgrounds. Decisions decisions.. 

If you missed what I am up to, I am joining in with 'November Art every day month'. Click on the link below for more details of how you can join in too. 


Art every day month : day 4
Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. It turned out lovely, Sandy. I was impressed. I didn't think it could get any better, but this spread is really lovely.

  2. Great watercolor page. Can't wait to see your journal page (or whatever you decide) tomorrow.

  3. WOW, this is so pretty, love the way you doodle. I saw it yesterday too and enjoy both versions but WOW is the end result!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow. Have fun!

  4. Your page looks lovely! Great colors!

  5. I've enjoyed seeing your additions each day. Love the border. Happy AEDM!

  6. This is really pretty. The yellow and red are wonderful together. I love how you added detail with all the doodling.


Thank-you for the lovely comment..