Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 art every day

Sat outside under our umbrella today and doodled on the watercolour flowers from yesterday. So what do you think? Do you like it with or without the doodles.. I kind of like both.. They both have there positives.. Without doodles it is kind of delicate, with the doodles it is definitely more bold.. Its such fun to do the doodle part though.. The watercolour is relaxing. I think that's why I find the 2 step process such fun.. 
The quote is 'There is so much hope in a little flower and so many flowers in a little hope'. by Mehmet Mural ildan  

If you missed what I am up to, I am joining in with 'November Art every day month'. Click on the link below for more details of how you can join in too. 
November is craft every day month : Day 2
Have a great day 
Sandy :)


  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog, I love these flowers with the doodles added. I love all the goodies you got for your 50th too. My 50th is coming up but I'm having terrible trouble deciding what I'd like there are so many wonderful products out there! Enjoy your AED challenge.

  2. Such lovely flowers and doodles you've made! I really like the doodle frame too, always fun to doodle in our books isn't it. Happy AEDM to you!

  3. Oh, I love the optimism I feel from these flowers and doodles. I can literally feel you under your umbrella as you work on them. How lovely is that?

    Glad to find you via AEDM2013 today. I didn't see your first image of this image but I bet it was lovely, too....

  4. I like the doodles and I love watercolor. I find it relaxing, too.

  5. Fabulous doodles and watercolor!

  6. I saw this post as soon as I logged on tonight. I knew I had to come back and see the next step in the process. I loved what you did yesterday, but today was the icing on the cake. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! Love the quote too!


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