Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have been finishing off the last 2 pages in my watercolour art journal. This is in my travelers notebook.. Teesha Moore has been giving us the most amazing collage sheets to play with and I grabbed one to finish this off. I had this big blank bit where the girl on the top right is now and did not know how to fill it till last night.. I really like the way the bits flows out of the collage from her to the page to blend it, it looks so much better. This has been unfinished for months just waiting patiently for me.  Then well I grabbed the collage sheet and started cutting it up and look what appeared. When you start to cut and paste and not think, that is when things get finished.. Then I followed one of the tips Teesha gave about looking at the collage on the edge and seeing what is there to continue onto the page. So that is why there is spots, lots of spots. I used some more of my arms for the guy lifting the weights.. I made a collage sheet of all different arms and legs it comes in handy.. Quote is from Eleanor Roosevelt 'The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams" I used one from Theodore Roosevelt on another page in this journal so thought it was great to have one from Eleanor Roosevelt too.

Have a great day
Sandy :)

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